Who is the author of The Diary of Anne Frank the play?

Who is the author of The Diary of Anne Frank the play?

Frances Goodrich
Albert Hackett
The Diary of Anne Frank/Playwrights

Who is the poet of Anne Frank?

She died in Bergen Belsen concentration camp in March 1945. Christiane ‘Cricri’ Van Maarsen, in whose album Anne wrote the eight-line poem, died 10 years ago. Her sister Jacqueline has now decided to put it up for auction. The poem has a moralistic tone, urging the recipient to work harder.

When was The Diary of Anne Frank written?

On her birthday, Anne only wrote that she hoped that she would be able to entrust everything to her diary and that it would be a great support. The actual writing started two days after her birthday, on 14 June 1942.

What was the name of Anne Frank poem?

‘Precious time’ The eight-line poem, addressed to Cri-Cri is dated March 28, 1942 – less than four months before the Frank family went into hiding. A poem written by Anne Frank signed and dated Amsterdam, March 28, 1942 sold at auction for 140,000 euros ($148,000).

Why Anne Frank wrote her diary?

Anne Frank received her diary as a gift on her thirteenth birthday in 1942. At first, it was her place to record observations about friends and school and her innermost thoughts. But when she and her family went into hiding the month after the diary began, it became a war document.

What type of book is diary of Anne Frank?

AutobiographyPersonal narrativeJewish literature
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Was Anne Frank married?

Otto Frank gave the diary to the historian Annie Romein-Verschoor, who tried unsuccessfully to have it published. She then gave it to her husband Jan Romein, who wrote an article about it, titled “Kinderstem” (“A Child’s Voice”), which was published in the newspaper Het Parool on 3 April 1946.

What is the theme of the diary of the girl?

Although World War II was raging around Anne and her family, the main theme of The Diary of Anne Frank was inner conflict. Anne was constantly at odds with herself.

What is the theme of the text the diary of the girl?

The idea of secrets and hiding away – both literally and figuratively – are central to The Diary of a Young Girl. Just as Anne Frank and her family are secreted away in the Secret Annex adjacent to the Dutch Opekta Company, Anne finds herself secreting away aspects of herself from those around her.

What is the setting of the story from The Diary of Anne Frank?

There are two basic settings in the diary: in the Frank’s home, where they are living in Amsterdam at the beginning of World War II, and the secret annex, a section of a building added on to the main building, that her family hides away in, along with four other people, to escape the Nazis.