Who is the current CEO of GoAir?

Who is the current CEO of GoAir?

Mumbai, June 05, 2018: GoAir today announced the appointment of Cornelis Vrieswijk (Cor) as the new Chief Executive Officer effective June 4, 2018. He will be reporting to the Chairman, Managing Director and the Board of Directors of GoAir.

What is the slogan of Go First?

Welcome to Go First. India’s ultra-low-cost airline that puts you first.

Who is CEO of Go First?

Kaushik Khona
Go First

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Key people Nusli Wadia (Chairman) Ben Baldanza (Vice-Chairman) Kaushik Khona (CEO)
Revenue ₹4,553 crore (US$600 million) (FY 2017)
Profit ₹294.88 crore (US$39 million) (FY 2017)

Who is the chairman of Go First?

. Nusli Neville Wadia
Board of Directors

Name Designation
Mr. Nusli Neville Wadia Chairman & Non-Executive Director
Mr. Ness Nusli Wadia Non – Executive and Non-Independent Director
Mr. Ben Baldanza Vice Chairman, Non – Executive and Non-Independent Director
Dr. Vijay Kelkar Independent Director

Why did GoAir change its name?

The carrier is aiming at young travellers with the rebrand Wadia Group-controlled airline GoAir has rebranded itself as Go First, the company announced on Thursday. The purpose of rebranding the 15-year-old airline is “to fully embrace the ultra-low-cost airline model” to gain an advantage over its peers.

Why GoAir changed its name?

Who bought GoAir?

Wadia Group
Go First, founded as GoAir, is an Indian ultra-low-cost airline based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is owned by the Indian business conglomerate Wadia Group. In October 2017, it was the fifth largest airline in India with an 8.4% passenger market share….Go First.

IATA ICAO Callsign

Who is Kaushik Khona?

Kaushik Khona – Chief Executive Officer – Go Airlines (India) Ltd.

Where is the headquarters of GoAir?

Mumbai, IndiaGo First / Headquarters

Who is the CEO of Air Asia?

Tony Fernandes (Dec 2001–)AirAsia / CEO

When did GoAir change first?

GoAir became the sixth Indian domestic carrier to fly international when it launched its inaugural flight to Phuket from New Delhi on 11 October 2018. On 17 March 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, GoAir suspended its international flights. In May 2021, GoAir was rebranded as Go First.

Is IndiGo and GoAir same?

IndiGo operated by Interglobe Aviation uses ‘goindigo.in’ as its web address name while Wadiagroup’s GoAir uses ‘goair.in’. “Indigo airline is using ‘goindigo’ as domain name for its ticket-selling portal and also promoting it as their own trademark,” said one of people who spoke to ET on condition of anonymity.

Where is the headquarter of GoAir?