Who is the DIG of Dhaka?

Who is the DIG of Dhaka?

Habibur Rahman
He currently holds office of Dhaka Range DIG at Bangladesh police, Dhaka Before it he was DIG of Administration and Discipline at Police Headquarters, Dhaka….Habibur Rahman (police officer)

Habibur Rahman
DIG Habib at Police Head Quarters Dhaka
Born 1 January 1967 Gopalganj District, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Other names DIG Habib, SP Habib

What is the name of dig?

Deputy Inspector General of Police
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) is a rank in the Indian police, just below Inspector General of Police.

What is BPM bar in police?

Bangladesh Police Medal (BPM)

Who is the DIG of West Bengal police?

Shri Manoj Malaviya
Shri Manoj Malaviya, an IPS officer of 1986 batch is the DG & IGP of West Bengal Police since December 28, 2021.

How many ASP are there in Bangladesh?

77 Assistant Superintendents
For the first time, the government is going to post 77 Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASP) as officers-in-charge (OCs) of police stations in metropolitan and district sadar under different range offices of Bangladesh Police.

Who is higher DIG or DCP?

DIG stands for Deputy Inspector General. It is a one- star rank in the Indian Police Service. This is a senior rank than Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). An officer holding this position works under the Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police.

What is DIG full form?

What is the full form of DIG? The full form of DIG is Deputy Inspector General of Police. DIG is a one-star rated police officer in the Indian Police Force. After being promoted from the SSP rank, a police officer could become DIG.


Who has more authority – DIG or DSP? For the unversed, the biggest post in the police administration is that of the Director-General of Police (DGP). A DGP is the head of the police of the whole state. Meanwhile, the Deputy Inspector General of Police i.e. DIG is the second number officer in the police of a zone.

What is ADC in police?

ADC stands for Assistant Deputy Commissioner.

Which post is higher ACP or SP?

SP is higher than ACP. ACP is besically a DSP/ASP ranked Officer who is junior to SP or DCP.

Who is powerful DM or DIG?

A DIG is at par with commissioner, a rank superior to DM. But under the new system introduced by the government, DIGs have been given charge of districts replacing senior superintendents of police (SSPs). Now DIGs will have to work under DMs who are junior to them.