Who is the fastest man in Poland?

Who is the fastest man in Poland?


Event Record Athlete
200 m 19.98 (+1.7 m/s) Marcin Urbaƛ
300 m 31.93 Karol Zalewski
400 m 44.62 Tomasz Czubak
500 m 1:00.56 Jakub Krzewina

What is the fastest GTA speedrun?

100% in 9h 33m 21s* by DarkViperAU – Grand Theft Auto V – speedrun.com.

What is the world record of 1000 meter race?

World Records

Discipline Perf Competitor
1000 Metres 2:28.98 Svetlana MASTERKOVA
1500 Metres 3:50.07 Genzebe DIBABA
One Mile 4:12.33 Sifan HASSAN
2000 Metres 5:21.56 Francine NIYONSABA

Who has GTA 5 record?

Although there are various types of speedruns in GTA 5, the classic (No Mission Skips) tops them all in popularity. As of writing this article, the record for the Classic Speedrun (Any%) is maintained by szau. He managed to do this in just 5 hours 51 minutes, and 44 seconds.

Who is the best GTA 5 Speedrunner?

#1 – DarkViperAU In terms of sheer numbers, DarkViperAU is the most prolific GTA 5 speedrunner. He is currently in fifth place in both the “Missions Skips” and “No Missions Skips” categories, whilst also being 14th in the “Classic” category.

Which record did GTA V break?

Here’s the complete list of records broken by GTA5: Best-selling action-adventure videogame in 24 hours. Best-selling videogame in 24 hours. Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion.

How much GTA 5 earned in 24 hours?

$800 million
‘Grand Theft Auto V’ makes $800 million in 24 hours, poised to become world’s fastest-selling game.

Who is dark Viper Australia?

Matthew Judge
Matthew Judge was born on March 15, 1991, and lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He used to live together with his roommates but since 2020 lives alone. He gained a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from Swinburne University of Technology in 2016.

Why did DarkViperAU stop Speedrunning?

He claimed that all he wanted was to be left alone. DarkViperAU said he was disappointed that he couldn’t be the one to finish a “no damage” run of the game, as he had been trying to do it for almost a year. He claimed he has let go of making potentially profitable content in this pursuit.