Who is the highest paid COO?

Who is the highest paid COO?

Top Chief Operating Officer (COO)s

  • Keith Ackerman.
  • Michele Acosta.
  • Carmen Addario. Addario’s Services.
  • Patrick Ahern. Food System 6 Accelerator, INC.
  • Rand Ahrens. Greater Southern California Market.
  • Richard Aievoli. Tri-Pac North America, LLC.
  • Jeff Akers. Tarrant Area Food Bank.
  • Ken Alessi. Aluminum Coil Anodizin (ACA)

When did Kevin Turner leave Microsoft?

Chairman Mike Levitt is now CEO. Turner joined Core Scientific in 2018. He previously spent 11 years at Microsoft from 2005 to 2016, leading the company’s global sales and marketing teams.

Who is the chief operating officer of Microsoft?

B. Kevin Turner

Steven A. Ballmer Chief Executive Officer Peter S. Klein Chief Financial Officer Steven Sinofsky President, Windows & Windows Live Division
Kurt D. DelBene President, Microsoft Office Division Satya Nadella President, Server & Tools B. Kevin Turner Chief Operating Officer

How much do Microsoft executives make?

The average Microsoft executive compensation is $227,259 a year. Microsoft’s highest paid executives include: Jean-Philippe Courtois $18,294,616 and Margaret L. Johnson $6,880,955.

Who is Kevin Turner?

B. Kevin Turner is an American businessman known for his executive leadership roles at Wal-Mart and Microsoft. As of May 2010, he is the Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft. Turner was born in 1965. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Management from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where he was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

How much did Bill Turner get paid for leaving Walmart?

Microsoft offered Turner a base salary of $570,000 per year, a $7 million up-front payment, and other stock awards to help compensate him for stock-based pay that he lost when he left Wal-Mart. Microsoft also gave Turner 325,000 shares of stock that would vest over a period of many years, beginning in 2008 and running through to retirement.

How much of Microsoft does Steve Ballmer own?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer finished the company’s 2010 fiscal year with an ownership stake of nearly 5%. Thanks to that multibillion-dollar stock stash, he can afford to pass up additional equity grants, which kept his total pay for the year at a comparatively modest $1.3 million.

Which Microsoft executives earned the biggest bonuses?

COO Kevin Turner scored the biggest cash bonus — nearly $2 million — and the biggest total payout. Microsoft praised his group’s “superb sales results” for the year and “record levels” of customer satisfaction.