Who is the MLA of Attabira?

Who is the MLA of Attabira?

Attabira Assembly constituency

Current MLA Snehangini Chhuria
Party Biju Janata Dal
Elected year 2019

How many Panchayat are there in Ambabhona block?

Village & Panchayats

Name of the Block Nos of Panchayats Download
Ambabhona 15 Download list(PDF 194 kb)
Attabira 24 Download list(PDF 191 kb)
Bargarh 27 Download list(PDF 192 kb)
Barpali 23 Download list(PDF 191 kb)

Who is MLA of padampur?

In 2019 election, Biju Janata Dal candidate Bijaya Ranjan SinghBariha defeated Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Pradeep Purohit by a margin of 5,734 votes.

How many villages are there in Odisha?

As per 2011 Census, the number of villages in Odisha is 47,477.

Who is the big village in Odisha?

Inhabited by over 22,000 people, Bhuban village in Dhenkanal district is the largest village of Asia. Bhubaban is a NAC under which a large numbers of villages depend upon. It is well known for its brass and metal products.

What is special in Bargarh?

Bargarh is famous for the Dhanuyatra that is said to the biggest open theatrical stage and depicts the Krishna Leela. The place is dotted with temples and also has Buddhist monasteries and caves that showcase the settlement of different cultures at different points in time at Bargarh.

Why bargarh is called rice bowl?

Attabira block is known as the rice bowl of Odisha because of its exemplary paddy production. Production of Paddy in the district of Bargarh is about 6,00,000.00 MT per annum which is the largest in Odisha. There are more than 100 rice mills are scattered over the district to support the paddy production.

What is the salary of a sarpanch in Odisha?

The Odisha government has hiked the salary of Sarpanch in the state by 25 per cent in April 2020. The government has also hiked salaries drawn by other members of the Panchayati Raj institutions in the state. As per the order, the salary of a sarpanch has been hiked from Rs 1,880 to Rs 2,350.