Who is the MLA of Red Deer?

Who is the MLA of Red Deer?

Jason Stephan is a Canadian politician elected in the 2019 Alberta general election to represent the electoral district of Red Deer-South in the 30th Alberta Legislature….Jason Stephan.

Jason Stephan MLA
Political party United Conservative Party
Residence(s) Red Deer, Alberta
Occupation accountant, lawyer

Who are the MLAs in Alberta?

Current members

Member Party First elected
Tracy Allard United Conservative 2019
Mickey Amery United Conservative 2019
Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk United Conservative 2019
Drew Barnes United Conservative (2019-2021) 2012

How many MLAs are there in Saskatchewan?

The legislature meets at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina. There are 61 constituencies in the province, which elect members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to the Legislative Assembly.

What does MLA stand for in Canada?

“Member of the Legislative Assembly” (MLA) in all other provinces and territories.

What is the area of Red Deer?

40.27 mi²Red Deer / Area

What is MLA Manitoba?

The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba (French: Assemblée législative du Manitoba) is the deliberative assembly of the Manitoba Legislature in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Is Red Deer south of Edmonton?

Red Deer, Alberta, incorporated as a city in 1913, population 100,418 (2016 census), 90,564 (2011 census). The city of Red Deer is located on the Red Deer River, 150 km south of Edmonton.

What province is red deer in?

AlbertaRed Deer / Province

What towns are in Red Deer County?

Discover Red Deer County’s Urban Neighbours

  • City of Red Deer.
  • Town of Bowden.
  • Town of Innisfail.
  • Town of Penhold.
  • Town of Sylvan Lake.
  • Village of Delburne.
  • Village of Elnora.
  • Summer Villages of Sylvan Lake.

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