Who is the number 1 QB in high school?

Who is the number 1 QB in high school?

Quinn Ewers

1 Quinn Ewers 210
2 Brock Vandagriff 198
3 Sam Huard 170
4 Kyle McCord 212

Who is the number 1 high school quarterback in 2022?

Cade Klubnik

1 Cade Klubnik Austin, TX Westlake
2 Walker Howard Lafayette, LA St. Thomas More
3 Ty Simpson Martin, TN Westview
4 Devin Brown Draper, UT Corner Canyon

Who is the number 1 QB in the class of 2025?

Player notes – Top 2025 QB recruit Luke Carney was able to lead the Dallas Christian football team to a 2021 TAPPS state championship during his freshman campaign, as he exudes all of the characteristics of a top flight 2025 quarterback and was able to throw for over 170 yards per contest.

How far should a high school QB throw?

I think for HS 40-50 in pads and 50 over for college. I have only seen a couple HS QBs that could throw over 55. Even fewer over 60, farthest would probably be about seventy yards for college. I could probably throw 45 in high school without pads and about 40 with pads.

How far can Julian Lewis throw?

40-45 yards
It’s safe to assume that Lewis has the potential to be a top 10 prospect in the Class of 2026. He possesses a very live arm and throws with great velocity. He does a good job working through his reads and has the ability to fit the ball into tight windows or throw the ball 40-45 yards on a rope down field.

Who will be in the 2025 NFL draft?

2025 Rankings

Rank Position Name
1 QB Cade Klubnik
2 EDGE Marvin Jones Jr.
3 CB Domani Jackson
4 DL Walter Nolen

Who started Elite 11?

Andy Bark
Elite 11 was founded in 1999 by Andy Bark and continues to be run by his company, Student Sports Inc, hosted at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

How far can the average d1 QB throw?

Even fewer over 60, farthest would probably be about seventy yards for college. I could probably throw 45 in high school without pads and about 40 with pads.

How far should a 14 year old throw?


Playing Segment Size of Ball Distance of Free-Throw Line
Ages 7-8 Boys and Girls size 5 (27.5”) 14′
Ages 9-11 Boys and Girls size 6 (28.5”) 14′
Ages 12-14 Girls size 6 (28.5”) Boys size 7 (29.5”) 15′
Grades 9-12 Girls size 6 (28.5”) Boys size 7 (29.5”) 15′

Who is the best QB in 2026 class?


  • # 1 Jyran Evans. Home schooled.
  • # 2 Aaron Gregory. Augusta Christian.
  • # 3 Julian Lewis. Carrollton Jr.
  • # 4 Jackson Taylor. Oaks Christian School.
  • # 5 Sabby Meassick. Toho High School.
  • # 6 Maddox Hunstad. Beachside High School.
  • # 7 Alex Medyn. Orange Lutheran High School.
  • # 8 Tayshaun Franklin. Ware county middle.

How tall should a freshman QB be?

FBS Group of 5 and/or High FCS Quarterback Height: 6’2″

Who is the number 1 player in high school football?

2023 ESPN 300

1 Arch Manning Video | Scouts Report 204
2 Malachi Nelson Video | Scouts Report 185
3 Cormani McClain Video | Scouts Report 165
4 Anthony Hill Video | Scouts Report 230

Who is the #1 ranked QB in the class of 2026?

One of the nation’s premier rising young stars is 6th grade phenom, Julian Lewis, who is building a reputation as the next great QB prospect. Also, he’s currently the #1 ranked QB in the 2026 class by QBHitList.

Who is the highest rated high school recruit ever?

The 20 highest-rated high school football recruits since 2000

  • Cyrus Kouandjio | OT | DeMatha Catholic (Hyattsville, Md.),
  • Bryan Bresee | DT | Damascus (Damascus, Md.),
  • Mario Edwards | DT | Ryan (Denton, Texas), Class of 2012.
  • Adrian Peterson | RB | Palestine (Palestine, Texas), Class of 2004.
  • Leonard Fournette | RB | St.

Who is the highest high school football recruit ever?

Who is the best QB in the class of 2024?

2024 TOP QB RECRUITS Player notes – Top 2024 QB recruit Tyler Aronson is arguably the best 2024 football recruit coming out of the State of Florida and was recently named to the 8th Grade All-South Florida team.

Who is the #1 recruit of all time?

Bottom Line: Rashan Gary Rashan Gary is one of just three players to be a unanimous No. 1 player for all four major recruiting services and picked Michigan over Auburn, Clemson, Ole Miss and USC.

Who has the most 5 star football players?

Alabama May Have the Most Loaded Roster in College Football History

Most Active 5-Star Players
Alabama 19
USC 11
Florida State 9
Georgia 8

Who is considered the best high school football player of all time?

Emmitt Smith is one of the best high school football players ever for his efforts at Escambia High School. Over his four-year high school career, Smith ran for 8,804 yards and 106 touchdowns. He led his team — which had never won a title — to two state championships.

Who is the best QB class of 2025?

CLASS OF 2025|Dual Threat

  • Bryce Underwood. Belleville. Height/Weight: 6’1″ 185 lbs.
  • Davi Belfort. Dillard. Height/Weight: 6’0″ 180 lbs.
  • Alonzo Esparza. Sierra Canyon.
  • Antwann Hill. Houston County.
  • Jackson Hamilton. Pearland.
  • Kaleb Bailey. North Shore.
  • Kelden Ryan. Keller Central High School.
  • Wyatt Becker. Notre Dame.

How far can Tom Brady throw?

Brady’s average attempt travels 7.6 yards downfield, which ranks 24th in the NFL. His average completion travels just 5.6 yards, which ranks 23rd. Air yards to the sticks measures how far in front of or past the first-down marker the average pass attempt travels.

Are there any ambidextrous quarterbacks?

Lamar Jackson, ESPN put spotlight on ambidextrous QB from Nebraska.

How many 3 stars are in the NFL?

Three-star: 110. Two-star: 32. Not Ranked: 21.

How many 5 star high school players are there?

In the last 10 years, a mere 287 players have emerged from high school as five-star recruits — the best of the best. That’s fewer than 30 players per season regardless of position.

Who has the strongest arm in the NFL?

According to “Madden 22,” Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has the best arm in the NFL. Allen sports a throw power rating of 99 while Mahomes is second with a 97.

How hard do you have to hit a baseball to go 300 feet?

Check out the velocity chart in this article that uses physics data from one of the world’s baseball physics experts, Dr. Alan Nathan. His calculator of fly ball distance is a great estimator, and it shows that somewhere between 77-82 is needed to throw approximately 300 feet.

How fast can a human throw a rock?

20,000 years ago). Human athletes can achieve throwing speeds close to 145 km/h (90 mph), far in excess of the maximal speed attainable by chimpanzees, at about 30 km/h (20 mph). This ability reflects the ability of the human shoulder muscles and tendons to store elasticity until it is needed to propel an object.

Was Michael Vick right handed?

Michael Vick and the 5 Best Left-Handed Quarterbacks in History.