Who is the Ohio State superfan?

Who is the Ohio State superfan?

Jon Peters
Jon Peters is an incredible human being. Most know him as the Ohio State superfan “Big Nut” – but he’s also the guy who just donated $51,000 to a scholarship fun to help kids go to Ohio State.

What does the big nut do for a living?

Jon ‘Big Nut’ Peters By day, Peters, 52, of Fremont, is a materials handler at Whirlpool Corp. in Clyde. By game day, he’s Big Nut, familiar for his painted face, Block O jersey, scarlet or gray leg warmers on his arms, and legs wrapped in silver tape. “Big can also refer to my waistline.

What do Ohio State fans chant?

THE CHANT: O-hi, Buckeye, O. S. U.

What do Ohio State fans call themselves?

“Buckeyes” has been the official Ohio State nickname since 1950, but it had been in common use for many years before.

Who is the buckeye nut guy?

Jon Peters is a 54-year-old man from Fremont, Ohio, and a huge Ohio State fan.

Does the big nut pay for his tickets?

Jon Peters said despite recent rumors he has heard, he pays for all his tickets and sits in his assigned seat. This is his second year receiving tickets through the Buckeye Club and his fifth year with season tickets. For three years he received tickets through a personal friend, he said.

Does Ohio State pay big nut?

Ohio State superfan ‘Big Nut’ gives $51,000 for scholarship fund. FREMONT – Ohio State superfan Jon “Big Nut” Peters is paying it forward to ensure students in Sandusky County who want to go to the Ohio State University will be able to for decades to come.

Why do Ohio State fans wave a shoe?

Jeffrey Fox, a seismologist at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio State alumnus, said that fan quakes present a good opportunity to get people thinking about earthquake hazards in general.

Does Ohio State pay the big nut?

The Big Nut Scholarship fund helps high school seniors attend The Ohio State University. “Currently, we’ve given over $200,000 out in scholarship money,” Peters said. “We’re in nine high schools in northwest Ohio. We give out 11 scholarships each year, each for $500.”

Who is OSU big nut?

Jon Peters found a way to take his Buckeye pride a step farther to stand out. He’s the one you see at Ohio State football games with his face painted half scarlet, half gray, wearing a large assortment of Buckeye memorabilia and wearing a jersey with the words “Big Nut.”

Is buckeye guy still alive?

Buck-I-Guy is the prime example: Earle Bruce, the one-time OSU coach from 1979-1987, passed away on Friday.

Why do fans wave their keys?

“Get Your Keys Out” is one of the well known University of Maryland football traditions. The point of this is for fans and students to jingle their keys in the air in order to keep the noise down (cheering is too loud) during important offensive plays.

What do Ohio State fans say to each other?

You Shout ‘O-H’ Anywhere, Anytime.