Who is the owner of Alghad TV?

Who is the owner of Alghad TV?

Al Ghad was founded by Mohammad Alayyan in August 2004.

Whats Karol G real name?

Carolina Giraldo NavarroKarol G / Full name
Carolina Giraldo Navarro (born 14 February 1991), known professionally as Karol G, is a Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter.

Who is Cap G?

George Ramirez (born July 31, 1994), better known by his stage name Kap G, is an American rapper. He is best known for his song “Girlfriend”, which peaked at number 10 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Long Beach, California, U.S. College Park, Georgia, U.S.

How are Snoop and Brandy cousins?

The Black-ish star’s mother is first cousins with Nas, making them second cousins. Brandy and Snoop Dogg’s parents come from McComb, Mississippi. “Brandy’s my first cousin… That’s my family,” Snoop told MTV.

Who is Ramirez rapper?

Ramirez (Ivan Ramirez) born and raised in San Francisco is one of the newest names in the rap music industry, a self-proclaimed Grey Gorilla who has found success after becoming a rapper and a part of G59 with the $uicideboy$ also collabing with Miami collective Buffet Boys.

Is Polo Ga mumble rapper?

He also wants people to know that he is not a mumble rapper. “I definitely don’t count as a mumble rapper,” he stated. “I’m a real lyricist. I got a broad message, like, a real story to tell every time I spit.”

Who was Karol G ex boyfriend?

If you didn’t think Anuel AA had finally moved on from his ex-fiancée and fellow musician Karol G, the rapper put an exclamation point on his relationship status this past weekend. Anuel posted a video on Instagram with his new love interest, singer Yailin, sharing a rather…

Is Snoop Dogg a vegetarian?

We think so. At the very least Snoop Dogg is vegan at heart. Snoop has been making headlines for influencing KFC’s decision to use the vegan meat alternative, Beyond Chicken [4]. He was also the recent face of Dunkin’ Donuts’ release of its vegan breakfast sandwich.

What race is Ramirez?

Ramirez grew up in El Paso, Texas, the youngest of five children born to Mexican immigrants. According to reports, when he was 12 years old, a cousin who was a Vietnam War veteran showed him pictures of Vietnamese women he had allegedly raped, tortured, and killed.

How old is Ramirez rapper 2021?

20 years old
He is 20 years old and he gained underground fame from making two collaboration mixtapes with the $uicideboy$.