Who is the villain in Osmosis Jones?

Who is the villain in Osmosis Jones?

Thrax. The main antagonist of Osmosis Jones.

Who is the villain in the Addams Family?

Margaux Needler
Margaux Needler is the main antagonist of the 2019 computer-animated film The Addams Family. She is the deluded and insane mother of Parker Needler, and the archenemy of the Addams Family. She was voiced by Allison Janney, who also played Gladys Sharp in Over the Hedge and Ms. Grunion in Mr.

Who played William Harris on SVU?

James Le Gros
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Is Gomez from The Addams Family still alive?

John Astin, as Gomez Addams (1964). He is still alive today, at age 90. – History | Addams family, Addams family tv show, John astin.

What virus is Thrax?

Thrax is a cytomegalovirus that has become lethal (because cytomegaloviruses are DNA viruses, and they exceptionally attack the brain) (Thrax wanted to steal Frank’s DNA genome); Thrax is a human immunodeficiency virus (because Frank touched a chimpanzee before he caught Thrax).

What virus is Thrax supposed to be?

Thrax’s name comes from the real-life disease “anthrax”, though Thrax cannot be likened to any real-life virus. However, the symptoms resemble an exceptionally violent version of Scarlet Fever or hyperpyrexia.

Is there a Addams Family 2?

The Addams Family 2 is an animated film. The storyline sees Morticia and Gomez lament how fast their children Wednesday and Pugsley are growing up. To refresh their family bond, they cram Uncle Fester and the crew into their haunted camper for a vacation.

Who played Olivia’s attacker on SVU?

Fans were shocked to see the beloved detective tortured repeatedly by serial rapist and murderer William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber). The shocking season 15 premiere Surrender Benson was one of the most harrowing in SVU’s history.

What happens to William Lewis in SVU?

Wednesday night’s intense episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” ended with a shocking death — William Lewis (Pablo Schreiber) killed himself after a hair-raising game of Russian Roulette with Sgt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). His death caps a long arc for the character, who has been Benson’s toughest foe.

Is Wednesday not an Addam?

Uncle Fester talks about being involved in the situation, but even in the flashback, there’s never a doubt that Wednesday is an Addams. It’s a red herring through and through, and when the narrative unwinds to its conclusion, it’s all held together by process of elimination.

Is Wednesday Gomez daughter?

She is the sister of Pugsley Addams (and, in the movie Addams Family Values, Pubert Addams) and as such the only daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

What does Frank inhale that makes him sneeze?

As Frank is taken to the hospital in a fever coma, Ozzy and Drix reconcile and proceed to rescue Leah, but Thrax escapes using pollen to make Frank sneeze him out.

What virus is Osmosis Jones?

Thrax is the main antagonist of Osmosis Jones. He is a deadly virus that came from the filthy egg that Frank ate that was covered in chimp saliva and had also fallen on feces on the ground.

How old is Gomez Addams?

Gomez Addams, High baritone (Bb2 – G4), Stage Age 35-55: An attractive man of Spanish descent, and almost always dresses in a chalk-striped, dark-coloured suit and tie, slicked-back hair and a pencil-thin moustache. He is sometimes seen in a rather formal dressing gown and loves his cigars.