Who is the voice in the Hyundai Tucson commercial?

Who is the voice in the Hyundai Tucson commercial?

Jason Bateman
You can check out the commercials below, but the voice was provided by Jason Bateman! “We were looking for a voice that is recognizable and relatable. After Jason starred in our highly successful Super Bowl 53 commercial, we knew he would be the perfect fit to communicate our brand’s message.

Who voices the Hyundai commercials 2021?

For one, the actor Jason Bateman appears throughout the clip. Bateman is an American actor, director, and producer who began his career during the 1980s as a star on Little House on the Prairie. Also featured in the commercial are stars Mindy Kaling, Kawhi Leonard, Giada De Laurentiis, Nate Berkus and Becky G.

Whose voice is on the Hyundai Santa Fe commercial?

Who is the actor in the Ioniq 5 commercial?

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 TV Spot, ‘Campsite’ Featuring Jason Bateman [T1] – iSpot.tv.

What is the Hyundai Tucson ad about?

The campaign idea, “Tomorrow wants its car back” is based on the revolutionary all-new TUCSON as a preview of Hyundai’s bold design and innovation led future, a car that looks so futuristic that it really shouldn’t be available in 2021.

What is the music on the Hyundai advert?

You desire it. You wish it. You live it’, the commercial shows, amongst other things, the SUV being driven around city streets and a woman in a swimming pool at night. According to Hyundai, the soundtrack to this ad campaign was composed by Jakob Rabitsch, with the track being titled ‘Roll the Dice’.

Who is the girl in the Hyundai Kona ad?

Madison Iseman in the new Hyundai Commercial “10 Years Woman”. Hyundai commercial, Hyundai, New hyundai.

Where is the new Hyundai Santa Fe commercial filmed?

Shot in Madrid and produced by INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe, the advert reflects the look and feel of Hyundai Motor’s new visualisation for its brand content in Europe.