Who is Troy in the Halloween episode?

Who is Troy in the Halloween episode?

4 Troy: Eddie Murphy Instead, season one’s “Introduction to Statistics,” Community’s first Halloween episode, contains Troy’s best costume. The leather red suit worn by Eddie Murphy in his stand-up special, Delirious, is donned by Troy in this installment.

Which episode is Halloween Community?

“Epidemiology” is the sixth episode of the second season of the American comedy television series Community, and the 31st episode of the series overall. It originally premiered in the United States on NBC on October 28, 2010 as a special Halloween-themed episode.

What was Shirleys Halloween costume?

Shirley is dressed as Glinda the Good Witch. Pierce is dressed as Captain Kirk. Troy is dressed as Ellen Ripley in lift suit from “Aliens”. He later makes a costume he called “Sexy Dracula”

Who was Shirley dressed as?

In “Introduction to Statistics,” Shirley’s Halloween costume is repeatedly mistaken for Urkel due to her race — she’s actually Harry Potter. One of the people who makes that mistake is Chang.

How many Halloween episodes are in community?

The study group in focus always took an opportunity to attend a campus party, and thankfully for them, their classmates took the spooky holiday seriously. Dan Harmon’s comedy ran for a total of six seasons, and all but two of the installments featured a Halloween-themed episode.

Why did Andre leave Shirley?

As Andre had feared, she had became consumed with her business and ignored her family. When she lost a lot of their money in the process, Andre left her again but this time took the kids with him (“Repilot”).

How did Shirley get pregnant Community?

Ben Bennett is Shirley and Andre’s youngest child. He was conceived not long after his parents reunited from a year long separation. His parentage was in question during her pregnancy since Shirley had unknowingly slept with Ben Chang around the same time.

Who was the sane one community?

The group decides not to determine who it is so they can each hope they are the sane one. The final shot reveals that Abed was the one member of the group who tested as sane.

Does Shirley get back with her husband?

Eventually, Shirley and Andre reconciled, had another child together and got re-married.

Who does Shirley end up with?

In her sophomore year she reconciled with her husband Andre and had another child with him. In her third year at school Shirley remarried Andre and also went into business with her fellow study group member Pierce Hawthorne. After four years, she graduated with honors, earning a business degree.