Who is watching eBay items?

Who is watching eBay items?

Navigate to the “My eBay” option at the top of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select “Selling.” There, you’ll see a complete summary of the items you’re selling. Each active listing will show how many watchers there are and how many bidders.

Can I see how many watchers an item has on eBay?

As a seller, you can see how many people are watching your listing under the Watcher column on your active listings page. You can track how many watchers you have on each individual listing, but the identity of the watchers is kept anonymous. There is no way to ID who is watching your sale, or why.

What are eBay watchers?

It means that some eBayers have decided to watch your listing. They may be doing so for a variety of reasons, such as, wanting to know what it sells for, or so they can comparison shop, or they may be interested in bidding closer to the end of the listing.

Why do people watch but not bid on eBay?

By watching an item, you can bookmark it for later to stay up-to-date on the auction and compare to other options. There are many reasons a person may choose to watch an item including: True interest in purchasing the item. They want to see if the price goes down or how the auction progresses before making a move.

Does sending offers to watchers on eBay work?

When sellers send offers to watchers, sometimes they actually counteroffer but it just shows as a NEW OFFER and never as a COUNTEROFFER – i.e. there is no offer history on the item.

Is it good to have alot of watchers on eBay?

If you have a long list of watchers, it may be more effective to just lower the price on your original listing. When you lower the price by at least 5%, eBay will notify everyone on the watch list of the price drop. With this strategy, you can get the attention of all potential customers at one time.

Do watchers usually bid on eBay?

Though it takes days to accumulate watchers, most of these people won’t actually bid until the auction is nearly closed. Once your auction is down to its last half-hour or so, it will also begin to appear in “closing soon” results, which can draw in still more bidders.

Do watchers always bid eBay?

Eventually, the sale time ends and you end up with many watchers, but no bids, offers, or sale. Why? Watchers can be very encouraging, but they do not always translate into buyers. People watch items for a number of reasons, and may not always intent to purchase.

Do eBay Sellers See declined offers?

Counteroffers They may offer $1 to see how quickly their offer is declined. If the offer is rejected immediately, they may not continue with other offers because they know that the seller is not monitoring offers below a certain level. Smaller sellers should embrace the counteroffer feature.

Why do idiots bid early on eBay?

Ken. eBay and sellers encourage people to bid early is because it makes them more money. eBay’s search results show the number of bids an item has received, and the current highest bid.

How do I get more impressions on eBay?

Work on your photos and titles: Your rankings improve when people click on your pages, and appealing photos and strong titles are keys to encouraging clicks. If your numbers are low, work on better photos and more enticing titles.

How many views and watchers on eBay is good?

It is better to have 10 quality views on an item than 100 views by buyers who aren’t seriously interested in the product. Cassini is about relevancy. So don’t panic if views are down. And remember, it only takes 1 buyer to make a sale.

Why am I getting no views on eBay?

If your eBay listings are getting no views, one of the primary reasons might be SEO compliance. As an e-commerce seller, you might be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unless you post your listing with eBay’s SEO in mind, it will be very difficult to have your listing on top of the search results.

Can you make more than 3 offers on eBay?

You can send a maximum of 3 counteroffers to the seller. Find out more in our article on counteroffers. Each offer is valid for 24 hours or until an offer is accepted, whichever comes first. With a single item listing, the first buyer to accept the offer gets the item.

What does 5 offers left mean on eBay?

Accepted Solutions (1) Buyers get 3 chances to make their “Best Offers”. So “offers remaining” would be 2 or 1 after you have made your first offer. Comments (0) 5.