Who is wearing the Block O at Ohio State?

Who is wearing the Block O at Ohio State?

tackle Thayer Munford
50-79, so Munford will wear a patch instead. Ohio State announced on Saturday that fifth-year senior offensive tackle Thayer Munford as this year’s recipient of the Block “O” jersey. Munford becomes the second player to earn such distinction, joining former defensive end Jonathon Cooper in 2020.

Where is Block O South OSU?

Block O

Campus: Columbus
Meeting Time and Place: https://www.blocko.org/officehours 1739 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43210
Office Location: 1739 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43210
Membership Type: Open Membership
Membership Contact: Alex Crewe [email protected]

What does black stripe mean OSU?

It’s a rite of passage within the Ohio State football program for every newcomer to the program. A kid might officially sign a letter of intent with the program, but he’s not considered a part of the brotherhood until he has his black stripe removed.

What is the Block O recipient?

Starting last year, the football Buckeyes decided to present one player each year with the No. 0 jersey (Block O), in order to pay tribute to former defensive tackle Bill Willis.

Can college football players wear 0?

Use of the number 0 is again allowed by the NCAA in American college football, since the 2020 season.

Why are OSU fans holding shoes?

The music helps the fans to jump in unison, which leads to even stronger shaking of the stands.”

How many seats are in Block O South?

These sections of the stadium are for students only and annually sell out their 2,083 ticket allotment within minutes of ticket sales window opening. While seating is limited to this number, membership in the organization exceeds 2,500 students.

What does the Block O jersey mean?

The Block “O” jersey is presented in honor of the late Bill Willis, who was an All-American and national champion during his career with the Buckeyes from 1942-44. He also has his No.