Who made the one-handed catch on the Giants?

Who made the one-handed catch on the Giants?

quarterback Daniel Jones
Who says New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones can’t do it all? Jones, a supreme athlete, showed off his golden hands on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, hauling in a remarkable one-handed catch off the arm of wide receiver Dante Pettis.

What wide receiver has the most one-handed catches?

With the assistance of Saints QB Drew Brees, Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. officially set the world record for most one-handed catches in a minute with 33.

What is the name of the wide receiver who caught the football with one hand and scored a TD?

A.J. Brown makes incredible one-handed TD catch to tie Titans with Bengals.

When was objs catch?

November 23, 2014
Beckham’s epic catch occurred on November 23, 2014, during the Giants’ Week 12 game against the Cowboys. It was the start of the second quarter, with the Giants positioned at roughly their 45-yard line. Quarterback Eli Manning targeted Beckham on a deep pass at the corner of the end zone.

What is the greatest NFL catch of all time?

Best NFL catches

  • Santonio Holmes.
  • Dwight Clark.
  • Julian Edelman.
  • Franco Harris.
  • Antonio Freeman.
  • Lynn Swann.
  • Oronde Gadsden.
  • Mario Manningham. This won’t be the first non-game-winning catch made by a Giants’ receiver in the Super Bowl.

What is the most one-handed catches in a minute?

The Carolina Panthers quarterback holds the new world record for most one-handed catches in a single minute, surpassing prior Guinness World Record marks set by fellow NFLers Antonio Brown, Kirk Cousins and Jarvis Landry. Newton managed to make 51 one-handed grabs in a minute.

Who did Odell Beckham catch over?

cornerback Brandon Carr
Beckham made this catch despite a pass interference penalty called on Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr while diving backwards with full extension of his right hand using only three fingers.

What catch made Odell famous?

Whatever the case, you’ve surely known about Odell Beckham Jr.’s famous catch for some time now. It happened five years ago today: Nov. 23, 2014. Beckham, then a rookie with the Giants, caught a 43-yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning early in the second quarter of a Week 12 Sunday night game against the Cowboys.

What receiver has the highest catch rate?

Kirk is No. 1 here because he’s maximized his targets, posting a catch rate of 80.3 percent, which leads all NFL wide receivers (minimum 60 targets). His catch rate over expected is also significantly better than anyone else in the NFL at +13.6 percent.

Who started the one hand catch in NFL?

MAX MCGEE. Perhaps we should have seen this modern fascination with the one-handed catch coming. After all, it wasMax McGee’s mesmerizing catch in 1967 that resulted in the first touchdown in the history of the Big Game.