Who makes Hyperlite wakeboard?

Who makes Hyperlite wakeboard?

Hyperlite Wake Mfg.

Type Private
Founded Redmond, WA (1985)
Headquarters Snoqualmie, Washington, United States
Products Wakeboards, Wakeboard Bindings, Clothing, Wakesurfing
Website www.hyperlite.com

Is Hyperlite Made in USA?

Hyperlite Mountain Gear designs and manufacturers ultralight backpacking gear-backpacks, tents and accessories-here in the Pepperell Mill. We utilize high-tech, space age materials, also made in the USA, to produce products that weigh a fraction of the amount of traditional backpacking gear.

Where is Hyperlite based?

Portland, Maine
Located in a small town outside of Portland, Maine, Hyperlite Mountain Gear is an anchor tenant in an old mill building on the Saco River which used to be the largest textile mill in the United States.

Who owns Hyperlite Mountain Gear?

Mike St. Pierre
Hyperlite Mountain Gear with owner/founder Mike St. Pierre – The Maine Mag.

Do professional wakeboarders use fins?

Most wakeboards come with fins. Some beginner boards will come with a large center fin which provides better tracking to assist with riders going in a straight line. More advanced boards may come with small fins that go on the outside edges of the board to give the board more ‘bite’ when going for aggressive turns.

Does Hyperlite have sales?

Hyperlite almost never goes on sale, and its gear stands the test of time, so trust us when we say that this is a huge deal. The true hero of Hyperlite’s gear construction is the Dyneema material. You’ll find it in the brand’s ultralight tents, shelters, and packs.

Where are Hyperlite products made?

Hyperlite Mountain Gear does all of their design work and manufacturing in Biddeford, Maine using state of the art computer-aided design tools and industrial sewing machines.

Is Hyperlite waterproof?

Yes, it’s basically waterproof. The most stand-out quality of Hyperlite’s packs is that they’re waterproof. The Southwest is made with Hyperlite’s classic Dyneema material, also known as cuben fiber (see below).

Is a bigger wakeboard easier to get up?

The pros of a longer wakeboard Bigger sizes softens up the landings. This makes landings softer and easier on the knees. So if you like to go big off kickers but have knees which can’t handle the impact, a big size is the way to go!