Who owns Rough Trade Records?

Who owns Rough Trade Records?

Geoff Travis (born 2 February 1952) is the founder of both Rough Trade Records and the Rough Trade chain of record shops. A former drama teacher and owner of a punk record shop, Travis founded the Rough Trade label in 1978.

What is Rough Trade website?

Rough Trade Records is an independent record label based in London, England. It was formed in 1976 by Geoff Travis who had opened a record store off Ladbroke Grove.

How many Rough Trade shops are there?

We currently have four UK stores – Rough Trade West and Rough Trade East in London, Rough Trade Nottingham, Rough Trade Bristol. We also have Rough Trade NYC, located in the heart of Manhattan, right by Rockefeller Centre, New York (USA).

Is LP vinyl?

12 inch Albums (LP or Long Playing) These are thick, black vinyl record albums commonly known as LPs. LP stands for Long Play or Long Playing. Most of the time, LP plays at 33 1/3 rpm. Some may even play at 45 rpm.

How do I contact record XL?

XL RECORDINGS on Twitter: “Anyone wanting to submit demo type material to XL: please use [email protected]” / Twitter.

Is Rough Trade Records independent?

Rough Trade Records is a legendary independent record label and a benchmark and inspiration to many in the field.

Who owns Rough Trade Nottingham?

1978 – Geoff Travis sets up the Rough Trade record label. 1982 – With financial problems threatening the survival of the shop, the shop and label separate, becoming two distinct companies. Geoff Travis takes the label business and three shop employees take over the record store after buying the stock for £7,000.

Where was the first rough trade?

west London
We first opened in 1976, west London, on the doorstep of punk. Forty-four years later, we’re still celebrating the most exciting new music – come say hello! Top L-R Rough Trade West, Rough Trade NYC. Bottom L-R Rough Trade Bristol, Rough Trade Nottingham, Rough Trade East.

Where is XL Recordings based?

London, England
XL Recordings

Industry Music & Entertainment
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom New York, United States (satellite)
Key people Richard Russell (CEO)
Parent Beggars Group
Website xlrecordings.com

Who owns XL Records?

Beggars Group
XL Recordings/Parent organizations

When did Rough Trade Nottingham Open?

Rough Trade opened a store on Broad Street in Nottingham’s Lace Market area in 2014. The store has a bar and performance area on the first floor.

What is LP in address?

Well, LP number means Layout Permission Number.

What does 3lp mean in vinyl?

They mean an album that has two vinyl records. They can be recorded at any speed, but generally the most common is two vinyl records recorded at 33⅓ RPM. The reason this is an option is sometimes the album ran out of space to put on one record and therefore needed an additional record.