Who owns Zambia Sugar?

Who owns Zambia Sugar?

Illovo Sugar Ltd.Zambia Sugar / Parent organization
ZAMBIA SUGAR plc, established in 1964 and now the largest cane sugar producer in Africa, is listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange with 75% of shares held by the Illovo Group and the balance by institutional and private investors.

Where is Zambia Sugar located?

The company headquarters are located in the town of Mazabuka, in Mazabuka District, in the Southern Province, Zambia.

How many workers does Zambia Sugar have?

With 6000 employees at peak season we are the largest employer in Southern Province.

Is Zambia Sugar a government company?

The Zambia Sugar Company was 80% owned by Tate & Lyle; 12% owned by the Industrial Development Corporation (Government Agency), and 8% owned by private shareholders.

Where else is sugar commercially grown in Zambia?

Sugar cane plantations are located in the southern district of the country and are operated by Zambia Sugar. Mazambuka which is located 150 kilometers away from Lusaka is the country’s sweet region as it is affectionately called and houses Zambia Sugar Head Offices.

How many sugar Factorys are there in Zambia?

three sugar milling companies
The Zambia sugar industry is dominated by three sugar milling companies, namely Zambia Sugar Plc, Kafue Sugar (Consolidated Farming Ltd) and Kalungwishi Kasama Sugar.

Who owns Illovo Sugar?

Associated British FoodsIllovo Sugar Ltd. / Parent organization

Where is sugar commercially grown in Zambia?

Where does Selati sugar come from?

Selati Cane Sugar is a dry, free flowing sugar made from the finest quality sugar cane.

Who is the owner of Illovo?

Associated British Foods plc
ILLOVO SUGAR AFRICA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Foods plc (ABF), a diversified international food, ingredients, and retail group operating in 52 countries.