Who paid for Parramatta Stadium?

Who paid for Parramatta Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the NSW Government, operated by VenuesLive, designed by Populous Architects, engineered by Aurecon and built by Lendlease with a build cost of $300 million….Western Sydney Stadium.

Construction cost $300 million
Architect Populous
Main contractors Lendlease

What is Parramatta famous for?

Parramatta is a major business and commercial centre, and home to Westfield Parramatta, the tenth largest shopping centre in Australia. Parramatta is also the major transport hub for Western Sydney, servicing trains and buses, as well as having a ferry wharf and future light rail and metro services.

What was Accor Stadium before?

Stadium Australia
The newly rebranded Accor Stadium, previously known as Stadium Australia and ANZ Stadium, is a 83,500-capacity stadium located in Sydney, Australia. Built to be the centrepiece of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, it now serves primarily as a rectangular sports and entertainment venue.

Who owns Parramatta Stadium?

NSW Government
Parramatta Stadium

Owner NSW Government
Operator Parramatta Stadium Trust
Executive suites 17
Capacity 24,000 (Venue capacity) 20,741 (Seating capacity)

Who owns CommBank Stadium?

Bankwest secured the initial naming-rights to Western Sydney Stadium, through a seven-year $17m deal, with the venue to be known as Bankwest Stadium. It was announced in September 2021 the venue’s name would change to CommBank Stadium from October 1 (Bankwest is part of the CBA group).

What did Accor Stadium used to be called?

ANZ Stadium
Sydney venue formerly known as ANZ Stadium to be renamed Accor Stadium.

How old is the CommBank Stadium?

3CommBank Stadium / Age (c. 2019)

Why did bankwest stadium change to CommBank Stadium?

VENUES | STAFF REPORTERS Bankwest will transfer naming rights of Western Sydney Stadium to the Commonwealth Bank as the nation’s largest bank commits to supporting business on the recovery side of the pandemic and aims to revitalise its brand in Greater Sydney.

What Aboriginal land is Parramatta on?

City of Parramatta acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the Dharug people. For over 60,000 years, the area comprising present day Parramatta has been occupied by the Burramattagal people, a clan of the Dharug, who first settled along the upper reaches of the Parramatta River.

What Parramatta means?

The second European settlement in Australia, it was founded in 1788 by Governor Arthur Phillip as a western outlying farm colony of Sydney. Initially called Rose Hill, it was renamed Parramatta, an Aboriginal word meaning “head of waters,” the year after it was proclaimed a town in 1790.

Who owns Telstra Stadium?

Government of New South Wales
Stadium Australia

Coordinates 33°50′50″S 151°03′47″ECoordinates: 33°50′50″S 151°03′47″E
Public transit Olympic Park station
Owner Government of New South Wales
Operator VenuesLive Management Services

Why was ANZ Stadium renamed?

On 12 December 2007 it was announced by the Stadium Australia Group (SAG) that the stadium’s name was to be changed to ANZ Stadium after concluding a deal with ANZ Bank worth around A$31.5 million over seven years. This change took effect on 1 January 2008.

Why did bankwest stadium change its name?