Who played Dr Karen on Modern Family?

Who played Dr Karen on Modern Family?

Suzy Nakamura

Suzy Nakamura
Born December 2, 1968 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1994–present
Spouse(s) Harry Hannigan (divorced)

Who played Dr Chen on the neighborhood?

The Neighborhood (TV Series 2018– ) – Suzy Nakamura as Dr. Chen – IMDb.

Is Suzy Nakamura married?

Harry HanniganSuzy Nakamura / Spouse

Who is the father of Dr Chen’s baby?

Nurse Frank Bacon
When Chen tells her mother about her pregnancy and that the baby’s father is black, her mother is shocked. She later decides to give the baby up for adoption and it is later revealed that Nurse Frank Bacon is the father of her child.

Does Jing Mei keep her baby?

She gives birth to a baby boy on Christmas Eve, accompanied by her longtime friend John Carter. After considering the challenges of being a doctor and a single mother, and also realizing she would not get much support from her family because her son is biracial, she subsequently gives the child up for adoption.

How does Ming leave ER?

Jing-Mei ”Deb” Chen (Ming-Na) storm off the job in a huff to care for her ailing father on Thursday night’s ER, you’d better have taken a good look because it’s the last you’ll see of her.

Who got the crab with the missing leg?

Jing-mei takes the worst crab (the one missing a leg), but her mother stops her and gives her the better of the two crabs.

Which EXO is married?

Soon, Chen enlisted in the military on October 26, 2020 as an active duty soldier. Chen is the first EXO member to have married and the first to have kids of his own.

Who is Suzy Nakamura?

Susan Aiko “Suzy” Nakamura is an American actress. Nakamura is known for her many guest appearances on sitcoms such as According to Jim, Half and Half, 8 Simple Rules, Curb Your Enthusiasm and How I Met Your Mother and her recurring role in the early seasons of the drama The West Wing as assistant to the Sam Seaborn character.

Where was Nakamura born and raised?

Nakamura was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to parents of Japanese descent. She attended Lane Technical College Prep High School. After graduation, she joined the Asian-American theatre company, MinaSama-No.

Who is Naomi Nakamura’s husband Harry Hannigan?

Nakamura was married to TV writer Harry Hannigan, who wrote several episodes of According to Jim. They separated in 2018 and are now divorced. Her father was an English teacher for the Chicago Public Schools. Both of Nakamura’s parents died within a year of each other when she was in her 20s.

What kind of movies and TV shows has Nelly Nakamura been in?

Nakamura has acted in various films, television shows, commercials, web-series, and stage plays throughout her career, in addition to performing improv comedy. She cofounded The Second City Detroit in 1993. Nakamura got her first film role as a troubled teen in Rea Tajiri ‘s Chicago-based film, Strawberry Fields (1997).