Who played in The Lion King on Broadway?

Who played in The Lion King on Broadway?

Original casts

Character Broadway West End
Simba Jason Raize Roger Wright
Nala Heather Headley Paulette Ivory
Timon Max Casella Simon Gregor
Pumbaa Tom Alan Robbins Martyn Ellis

Who played the first Simba on Broadway?

Jason Raize
Jason Raize, Broadway’s Original Simba in The Lion King, Dead at 28 | Playbill. Obituaries Jason Raize, Broadway’s Original Simba in The Lion King, Dead at 28 Jason Raize Rothenberg, the handsome young actor who played Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King, died suddenly in Yass, Australia, his family confirmed.

Who played Nala on Broadway?

Adrienne Walker
McCAll will make his Broadway debut as Simba, reprising the role after starring in the tour. Many of the lead cast members will be returning to The Lion King, including L. Steven Taylor as Mufasa, Adrienne Walker as Nala, Tshidi Manye as Rafiki, Stephen Carlile as Scar, Ben Jeffrey as Pumbaa and Fred Berman as Timon.

Who has played Simba on the West End?

Kayi Ushe will take on the role of Simba in The Lion King when the long-running hit musical resumes performances at the West End’s Lyceum Theatre on July 29. At the time of the theater shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nick Afoa played the role and will now lead the U.K. touring production.

Which Broadway show is better Lion King or Aladdin?

We have seen both and they are both excellent in their own way. Lion King is a large production w/ lots of “characters/animals”, unique representation of animal & environmental (African plains) movements, costumes. Aladdin has a smaller cast of characters, a romantic comedy. Both are good; can’t go wrong w/ either one.

Who was the original Rafiki on Broadway?

Tsidii Le Loka
Because director Julie Taymor felt that the story lacked the presence of a strong female, Rafiki was changed into a female mandrill. The role was originated on Broadway by Tsidii Le Loka, who was nominated for a Tony Award in 1998 for her performance. Rafiki’s role is expanded in the musical.

Who plays Simba in Lion King musical in London?

Kayi Ushe joins an international company of over 50 actors, singers and dancers led by George Asprey as Scar, Phil Adèle as Ed, David Blake as Banzai, Janique Charles as Nala, Gugwana Dlamini as Rafiki, Shaun Escoffery as Mufasa, Gary Jordan as Zazu, Jamie McGregor as Timon, Melone M’Kenzy as Shenzi and Mark Roper as …

What age is appropriate for Lion King on Broadway?

The Lion King is not intended for children under 5. Children under 5 will not be permitted into the theater. The show is recommended for ages 8+. Everyone, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

What’s the most popular Broadway musical?

The top 5 Broadway shows with the most performances of all time:

  • The Phantom of the Opera – 12,830 performances.
  • Chicago – 9,155 performances.
  • The Lion King – 8,759 performances.
  • Cats – 7,485 performances.
  • Les Misérables – 6,680 performances.

Is lion King musical good for adults?

It is recommended for all age groups from 10ish upwards roughly. It was so cleverly performed, the costumes were amazing too.

Is lion King musical for adults?

Disney’s “The Lion King” is an incredible musical for all ages and backgrounds.