Who played Superman in the 1950s series?

Who played Superman in the 1950s series?

George Reeves
George Reeves (born George Keefer Brewer; January 5, 1914 – June 16, 1959) was an American actor. He is best known for his role as Superman in the 1952–1958 television program Adventures of Superman.

How many versions of Superman 1978 are there?

Three longer versions have been released since the original…

Who played teenage Superman in 1978?

Jeff East
— Jeff East, who played the teenage Clark Kent in the 1978 Christopher Reeve movie, ‘Superman,’ discussed the rise in popularity of the character and brand. The most recent Superman movie, ‘Man of Steel,’ hit theaters June 14.

Who played Superman in the 1940s?

Bud Collyer was the voice of Superman for years, lending his vocals to the character in 1940s programs like Superman, The Magnetic Telescope, and The Bulleteers.

What’s the best version of Superman?

10 Best Versions Of Superman Across The DC Multiverse, Ranked

  1. 1 Calvin Ellis Is A Super-President.
  2. 2 Kal-El Is The Mold For Other Supermen.
  3. 3 Val-Zod Tried To Serve While Being A Pacifist.
  4. 4 Kal-L Was A Wiser Superman.
  5. 5 Kingdom Come Superman Helped Restore A World.

Where is the baby from Superman now?

Lee Quigley He was seven months old at the time and was the first non-American to play any version of Superman, it was his first and only acting job. Sadly he died in 1991 aged just 14 after inhaling solvents.

Who played Superman’s biological mother?

Director Zack Snyder has offered the “Temple Grandin” actress the role of Superman’s mother in “Man of Steel,” TheWrap has confirmed. Ormond will play Superman’s biological mother, Lara — the one on Krypton.

Who was the 1st Superman actor?

Kirk Alyn (born John Feggo Jr., October 8, 1910 – March 14, 1999) was an American actor, best known for being the first actor to play the DC Comics character Superman in live-action for the 1948 movie serial Superman and its 1950 sequel Atom Man vs.

What movie was Superman bad?

Sign in to vote. BRIGHTBURN is a horror genre twist on the superhero genre that can basically be described as a dark version of SUPERMAN. The extremely light plot sees a baby delivered to Earth in a meteorite and brought up by a childless couple; a few years later it transpires he’s evil.

Who played Superman in the 1970s?

Christopher Reeve
Perhaps the most famous Superman, Christopher Reeve first appeared as Clark Kent and his alter ego in 1978’s Superman.

Who played Superman first?