Who present Soccer AM?

Who present Soccer AM?

John Fendley
Its best-known presenters were Helen Chamberlain, who presented the show for 22 years, and Tim Lovejoy, who hosted from 1996 to 2007. As of 2019, its current presenters are John Fendley and ex-footballer Jimmy Bullard.

What channel is Soccer AM on today?

Join @Fennersinsta and @1jimmybullard every Saturday morning on Sky Sports & Sky Showcase.

Who is Soccer AM tube?

Peter Dale
Having started out as an assistant producer on Soccer AM, Peter Dale first appeared in front of the cameras as ‘Peter the Test Tube Baby’, earning him the nickname Tubes.

How can I watch Soccer AM on catch up?

Catch up with the latest Soccer AM, now available to download from the Sky Sports section of Catch Up.

Are Ange and tubes brothers?

Starting with the release of episode one on Sunday, 14 November, brothers Tubes and Ange (Peter and Andy Dale) will bring their own sense of humour and comedy to the fairways (and rough!) of Woodhall Spa Golf Club, the home of England Golf. Click here to access Tubes and Ange’s Golf Life channel.

Can I watch Soccer AM on demand?

If you missed our season finale, you can watch it on Sky Go & On Demand now!

Who was Robbie Knox on Soccer AM?

Robbie Knox is an award winning writer, producer and director based in the UK. From 2000 to 2007 he was part of the production team of Soccer AM, Sky Sports’ flagship football entertainment show, writing, directing and producing parts of the show, as well as acting on screen.

Is Robbie Knox Scottish?

Robbie Knox on Twitter: “@jimmyb12327 No, it’s a Scottish family name.

Is Jimmy Bullard married?

Personal life. Bullard is engaged to his long-term girlfriend and has two children.

Is Lloyd Griffith in infinite?

Infinite (2021) – Lloyd Griffith as Brasserie Chef Joe – IMDb.

Who was robbie Knox on Soccer AM?