Who sang some kind of wonderful first?

Who sang some kind of wonderful first?

Soul Brothers Six
“(She’s) Some Kind of Wonderful” is a song written by John Ellison and first recorded by his group, Soul Brothers Six, in 1967, peaking at number 91 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The best known version is by Grand Funk Railroad from 1974 which reached number 3 on the same chart.

What year did Grand Funk Railroad sing some kind of wonderful?

1974Some Kind of Wonderful / Released

Who is the band in some kind of wonderful?

Some Kind of Wonderful (The Drifters song), a 1961 song made famous by The Drifters.

Is Some Kind of Wonderful OK for kids?

Parents need to know that Some Kind of Wonderful is a 1987 teen drama written by John Hughes. This film contains a fair amount of cursing, including “f–k” and “s–t.” A tomboy gets referred to as a lesbian in a pejorative manner. There’s some mild locker room semi-nudity (girls in camisoles and underwear).

Where was the movie Some Kind of Wonderful filmed?

Los Angeles
The film was shot in Los Angeles in the summer of 1986. Locations include San Pedro High School, Hancock Park and the Hollywood Bowl.

Did Eric Stoltz wear a wig in Some Kind of Wonderful?

[Elias Koteas] was such a revelation, and I remember being so transfixed with his performance. That’s why they did that reshoot with the party added him because he came off so well you really wanted to see him again… You can tell if you watch the movie that Eric Stoltz’s hair changes. He’s wearing a wig.

What was Watts first name?

James Watt, (born January 19, 1736, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland—died August 25, 1819, Heathfield Hall, near Birmingham, Warwick, England), Scottish instrument maker and inventor whose steam engine contributed substantially to the Industrial Revolution.

Is The Breakfast Club appropriate for 13 year olds?

A great choice for older teens.

How much were the earrings in Some Kind of Wonderful?

ASHTON: In the original scene, I had mentioned that he bought the earrings for $10,000.

Where is the house from Some Kind of Wonderful?

Stalk It: The Some Kind of Wonderful party house is located at 516 South Hudson Avenue in Hancock Park. Liam Court’s (cutie Matt Lanter – sigh!) house from fave show 90210 is located just up the street at 401 South Hudson Avenue.

Is Pam Anderson in Some Kind of Wonderful?

Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) – Pamela Anderson as Party Guest – IMDb.

What is Watts full name in Some Kind of Wonderful?

Charlie Watts
The three main characters have names relating to The Rolling Stones: Amanda Jones, named after a song of the same name (which is played in the film); a drummer called Watts (Charlie Watts) and a character called Keith (Keith Richards).

Who is Charlie Watts married to?

Shirley Ann ShepherdCharlie Watts / Spouse (m. 1964)

On 14 October 1964, Watts married Shirley Ann Shepherd (born 11 September 1938), whom he had met before the band became successful. The couple had one daughter, Seraphina, born in March 1968, who in turn gave birth to Watts’s only grandchild, a girl named Charlotte. They remained married until his death.

What was the official cause of death of Charlie Watts?

Throat Cancer Symptoms As Cause of Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Death Unconfirmed. Charlie Watts, legendary drummer for the Rolling Stones, died at the age of 80 on Sunday.

Why is heathers a 15?

It contains sex, lots of violence and faked suicides that are murders committed by the two main characters.

Is Top Gun okay for kids?

Not really appropriate for kids There’s lots of violence, though not a lot of blood. There is definitely a lot of cursing. The sexual innuendo is strong and not obscure at all.

How old is Lea Thompson?

61 years (May 31, 1961)Lea Thompson / Age

Who plays the bully in Some Kind of Wonderful?

13 Scott Coffey – Ray. Scott Coffey already had a connection to John Hughes when he was hired to play Ray, the edgy kid who tries to put the moves on Watts after she uses him in an effort to make Keith jealous. The actor had a small role in Hughes’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.