Who shot JJ Harper?

Who shot JJ Harper?

constable Constable Robert Cross
John Joseph “J.J.” Harper (December 30, 1951 – March 9, 1988) was a Canadian aboriginal leader from Wasagamack, Manitoba, who was shot and killed by Winnipeg police constable Constable Robert Cross on March 9, 1988. That event, along with the murder of Helen Betty Osborne, sparked the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry.

Where did Jj Harper live?

John Joseph Harper, a member of the Wasagamack Indian Band in the Island Lake area, was executive director of the Island Lake Tribal Council and a leader in Manitoba’s Aboriginal community. He and his wife Lois had three children. At the time of his death he was 37 years old, had short black hair and wore glasses.

How long does it take to become a Winnipeg police officer?

18 weeks of academics in law and law enforcement. 16 weeks of field training.

When was JJ Harper killed?

March 9, 1988John Joseph Harper / Date of death

What is the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba?

The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry-Child Welfare Initiative (AJI-CWI) was created in 2000 to help transition child protection and family support services to Manitoba’s Aboriginal communities, giving them the ability and responsibility to provide such services to their people throughout the province.

How much do Winnipeg cadets make?


Auxiliary Force Cadet Hourly Annual
Step 1 $18.38 $38,237.55
Step 2 $19.79 $41,178.91

How many police officers are in Winnipeg?

The service has 1,442 officers of which approximately half are on the front lines, known as “general patrol” (uniform operations). The WPS also has over 510 civilian workers.

What is the AJI report?

The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry (AJI), officially the Public Inquiry into the Administration of Justice and Aboriginal People, was a public inquiry commissioned by the Manitoba government into the administration of justice regarding the 1971 murder of Helen Betty Osborne and 1988 death of J.J. Harper.

What was the purpose of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry?

The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, commissioned by the Manitoba government in 1988, was mandated to investigate the depths of racism in Manitoba’s justice system, through a forensic probe of both the 1971 homicide of Helen Betty Osborne and the 1988 police shooting of J.J. Harper.

Is the RCMP a good career?

Working with the RCMP can definitely be rewarding, the training and the work are very invigorating. There are many skills and areas of service one can learn and specialize in. The job is very stressful, but help is always available, teamwork and communication is wonderful.

How much does Brian Bowman make?

Mayor Brian Bowman is the 16th highest paid figure on the list, receiving $204,449 in 2020.

Does Manitoba have a provincial police force?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police The RCMP is the provincial police service for Manitoba.

Do police officers pay tax in Canada?

For members of the Canadian Armed Forces and police officers deployed on international operations. You are not required to pay income tax on money earned while on active duty, whereas previously this was based on the risk levels of your mission.

How much pension do RCMP get?

The average pension paid to retired members and survivors was as follows: Public service: $29,314 (for fiscal year ended March 31, 2016) RCMP: $40,828 (for fiscal year ended March 31, 2016)

How much does the Chief of police in Winnipeg make?

THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods. Winnipeg’s Chief of Police, Danny Smyth, was the highest-paid city employee in 2020, according to the City’s annual compensation disclosure report. The document puts Smyth’s compensation at $291,834, nearly $20,000 more than the year previous.

How much do Winnipeg firefighters make?

Firefighters (NOC 4312) usually earn between $28.85/hour and $52.66/hour in Manitoba. People working as a “firefighter” are part of this group.

What is the largest police service in Canada?

It is the largest municipal police service in Canada, and third largest police force in Canada after the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)….

Toronto Police Service
Motto To Serve and Protect
Agency overview
Formed 1834
Employees 7,500 (5,500 police officers)