Who should I ask for help the molecular level?

Who should I ask for help the molecular level?

At this point, the Sole Survivor needs to make a choice to enlist the help of one of the three major factions (the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel, or the Railroad). Speak to either Proctor Ingram (BoS), Sturges (Minutemen), or Tinker Tom (Railroad) and arrange for the construction of the teleporter.

Where do I go to get the courser chip analyzed?

Once you’ve made your acquaintance with Railroad leader, Desdemona, follow her into the faction headquarters. Talk to the Railroad’s resident scientist, Tinker Tom, who will be able to analyze the Courser Chip.

How do I get the molecular level quest?

The Molecular Level is a main quest mission in Fallout 4 and part of IGN’s Walkthrough. This mission begins immediately after completing Hunter Hunted. Your goal is to get the new Courser Chip analyzed, so head to back to Goodneighbor, and go to the Memory Den to see the doctor.

How do you fast travel back to the institute Fallout 4?

If you are playing survival mode the only place you can fast travel to out of the Institute is the C.I.T. ruins–directly above the Institute. You have to speak to all four of the Institute bosses, then return and speak to your son before you can fast travel anywhere.

Should I talk to the Minutemen Brotherhood or railroad?

The BoS and Minutemen are the best endings. If you’re inclined to go with the BoS you should do that, you won’t regret it. I think that the BOS and Minutemen seem to be the way choice. I mean ya they might kill a few innocent synths, but in the long run they are helping a lot more people due to all their firepower.

Can you build the molecular relay by yourself?

If you want to do it all by yourself – it seems to work to first go to one of the tech specialists and then buy back the signal interception plans. The quest log will reset and you are able to start building the reflector by yourself.

What happens if you agree to stay in the Institute Fallout 4?

You’ll need to continue to keep the Institute on friendly terms as the Railroad brings a spy in. You’ll then be sent to help destroy the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute – and get the chance to adopt a Synth child with Shaun’s memories.