Who voiced Sleeping Dogs?

Who voiced Sleeping Dogs?

The August 14th release for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 includes actors from both Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema. Sleeping Dogs features the voice talent of Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day, Total Recall) as Wei Shen, an officer sent deep undercover into one of Hong Kong’s most feared Triad gangs, the Sun On Yee.

Who does Emma Stone voice in Sleeping Dogs?

Emma Stone lent her signature voice to minor character Amanda Cartwright in Sleeping Dogs in 2012. Lucy Liu was also in the game, voicing Vivienne Lu.

Who voices Pendrew in Sleeping Dogs?

Tom Wilkinson
Thomas Pendrew

CHARACTER Thomas Pendrew
Home: Hong Kong
Nationality: British
Main affiliation: Hong Kong Police Department
Voiced by: Tom Wilkinson

Who plays Jackie in Sleeping Dogs?

Edison Chen
Jackie Ma is the deuteragonist of Sleeping Dogs….Jackie Ma.

Voiced by: Edison Chen

Who is Wei Shen?

Wei Shen (1984-) is the main protagonist of the video game Sleeping Dogs. Shen is a Chinese-American undercover cop whose goal is to bring down the Sun On Yee triad, the most powerful triad in Hong Kong.

Who is Big Smile Lee Sleeping Dogs?

Henry “Big Smile” Lee is the main antagonist of the 2012 video game, Sleeping Dogs. He is a prominent Sun On Yee Triad member and feared gang leader based out of Hong Kong. Lee is the biggest supplier of drugs in the city as well as being heavily involved with prostitution and contract killings.

Who is Whitefish Sleeping Dogs?

Charles Ho is a character in Sleeping Dogs….Charles Ho.

Home: Hong Kong
Nationality: Chinese
Main affiliation: Hong Kong Police Department

Who is Big Smile Lee?

Henry “Big Smile” Lee is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Thomas Pendrew) of Sleeping Dogs. He is a Sun On Yee Red Pole, with ties to drugs, prostitution, and murder. He served as the unseen overarching antagonist throughout the story, until becoming the main antagonist at the game.