Who was an influential conservative thinker?

Who was an influential conservative thinker?

Intellectuals, writers, and activists

Name Lifetime Notability
Milton Friedman 1912–2006 economist
Russell Kirk 1918–1994 author of The Conservative Mind
William A. Rusher 1923–2011 publisher of National Review
Phyllis Schlafly 1924–2016 activist

Who are the fathers of conservatism?

Edmund Burke (1729–1797) has been widely regarded as the philosophical founder of modern conservatism.

Was Locke liberal or conservative?

With regard to the Bible, Locke was very conservative. He retained the doctrine of the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures. The miracles were proof of the divine nature of the biblical message.

Is Atlas Shrugged a conservative book?

Atlas Shrugged received largely negative reviews, but achieved enduring popularity and ongoing sales in the following decades. The novel has been cited as an influence on a variety of libertarian and conservative thinkers and politicians.

What did William Buckley believe?

Buckley called himself both a conservative and a libertarian. George H. Nash, a historian of the modern American conservative movement, said in 2008 that Buckley was “arguably the most important public intellectual in the United States in the past half century.

Was Hobbes a conservative?

His view of human nature is undoubtedly negative, and his depiction of the state of nature is the polar opposite of the view taken by theorists such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This is why Hobbes is traditionally classed as a conservative theorist.

Is Ayn Rand libertarian?

Rand believed that political advocacy could not succeed without addressing what she saw as its methodological prerequisites. Rand rejected any affiliation with the libertarian movement and many other Objectivists have done so as well.

What is William Buckley known for?

William Buckley (1780 – 30 January 1856) was an English convict who was transported to Australia, escaped, and was given up for dead while he lived in an Aboriginal community for many years.

Was John Adams a conservative or liberal?

Adams, who had been among the more conservative of the Founders, persistently held that while British actions against the colonies had been wrong and misguided, open insurrection was unwarranted and peaceful petition with the ultimate view of remaining part of Great Britain was a better alternative.