Who was Mrs Trinidad on Martin?

Who was Mrs Trinidad on Martin?

Beverly Johnson
Miss Trinidad (Beverly Johnson) is the main villainess from “Blackboard Jungle Fever,” the 17th episode of Martin (airdate January 21, 1993). She is Martin Payne’s often mentioned third grade teacher, who Martin has stated that he had a crush on.

Who played laquita on Martin Lawrence Show?

Simbi Khali
Sheneneh has several girlfriends who occasionally appeared in the program, those being Keylolo (Yo-Yo), Bonquisha (Kim Coles), and Laquita (Simbi Khali). Of all the secondary characters played by Lawrence, Sheneneh is the only one to make an appearance in the final episode, though only her voice was heard.

What season is Martin and Miss Trinidad?

Miss Trinidad is the villainess from “Blackboard Jungle Fever,” the 17th episode of Martin.

What was Martin teacher name?

“The woman I was gonna fight, she was Martin’s teacher; Beverly Johnson, in that episode that’s the first time you hear about Tommy’s job. So Tommy talks about him being in the Boys & Girls Club.

Who played the drunk lady on Martin?

Shirley Dupree) on the Martin series and In Living Color. Film credits include Nolinda in Big Momma’s House 2 and starring roles in the two upcoming films The Hustle and Speed-Dating. Ms. Reese toured as the opening act for Mr.

Who played Mrs Booker on Martin?

Ellia English
Martin (TV Series 1992–1997) – Ellia English as Mrs. Booker – IMDb.

Who was big Shirley?

In 1985, Hemphill reprised her role as Shirley Wilson in the syndicated revival of What’s Happening!! titled What’s Happening Now!!, only now her character is co-owner of the restaurant she works at….

Shirley Hemphill
Alma mater Morristown College
Occupation Comedian, actress
Years active 1976–1999

Who is the first Black super model?

Naomi Sims – This beauty was widely acclaimed as the first Black supermodel in the 1960s.

Who played Shanice on Martin?

Maura McDade
Maura McDade played the part of Shanise McGullicuddy, Cole Brown’s new girlfriend/fiance in Season 5 of Martin. Maura also has made appearnces in the movies Kung Fu Brother (2014) and Swirl (2003).

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