Who was preach girlfriend in Cooley High?

Who was preach girlfriend in Cooley High?

No one has really heard from Cynthia Davis who played the role of Brenda in Cooley High.

Who played the two prostitutes in Cooley High?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Glynn Turman Preach
Keita L. Keita Second Prostitute
James Kingsley Police at Pier
James George Police at Pier
Mary Jane Schaefer School Teacher

What happened to Cochise from Cooley High?

Cochise gets killed. Preach finds him lying motionless under the El tracks, and his screams of anguish are drowned out by the trains above. Like so much of the movie, Cochise’s death was also drawn from Eric Monte’s life and memories of a friend who died. “It’s hard for me, even now,” he says.

How old is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs?

68 years (September 4, 1953)Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs / Age

Who was Loretta in Cooley High?

Sharon spent her career in entertainment, dancing and acting in theater productions in Chicago as well as a few movies and ran her own magic show. She played Loretta Brown in the 1975 film “Cooley High,” which was shot in Chicago.

How old is Eric Monte?

78 years (December 25, 1943)Eric Monte / Age

Does Lawrence Hilton Jacobs have kids?

Hilton-Jacobs is the father of two beautiful and charming daughters though he himself is the fifth of nine children.

How old is Lawrence Hilton Jacobs?

How many children do Glynn Turman have?

three children
Personal life. Turman has been married three times and has three children.

Where does Eric Monte live?

Portland, Oregon
Monte now lives in Portland, Oregon.

Who did Eric Monte play on Good Times?

Eric Monte
Eric Monte co-created Good Times with Mike Evans, of The Jeffersons TV series fame.
Personal Information
Birthname: Kenneth Williams
Ethnicity African-American

How old is Glen Truman?

75 years (January 31, 1947)Glynn Turman / Age

How old is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs now?

Where is Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs today?

He’s currently starring as patriarch Cameran Sanders on A House Divided, a role that earned Larry a 2021 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program. He is also a writer, director and producer, as well as a father and grandfather.