Who was the other dude in Wham?

Who was the other dude in Wham?

Andrew John Ridgeley (born 26 January 1963) is an English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer, best known for his work in the 1980s in the musical duo Wham!.

What happened to Andrew after Wham?

Soon after the breakup of Wham!, Andrew moved to Monaco, and tried out Formula Three motor racing. With little success, he moved to Los Angeles for a career in acting. He returned to the UK permanently in 1990. More recently, Andrew has been very involved in charity work.

What happened to George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley?

whammed along, Andrew eventually conceded that George had the better songwriting, musical and vocal talent and took on a backup role in the band. Once the duo divorced, Ridgeley became the anti-George-Michael, stepping out of the spotlight, moving to Morocco, and pursuing Formula Three racing.

What did the other guy in Wham do?

In 1984, Wham! became the first non-Asian pop band to play in China. Much to the chagrin of millions of fans worldwide, the two disbanded in 1986 to pursue solo careers. George Michael became a popular international solo artist, while Andrew Ridgeley went to Monaco to become an auto racer.

Who was George Michael’s partner?

Kenny Goss was Michael’s partner for 13 years. Although not together at the time of the singer’s death in 2016, he had always maintained that Michael had financially supported him.

Why did Kenny Goss and George Michael split?

“My love life has been a lot more turbulent than I’ve ever let on, and I’m so sad about my relationship with Kenny. I’m sorry for any pain.” Kenny says George’s spiralling drug use led to clashes, with George hitting back over his lover’s boozing.

Did George Michael leave anything to his partner?

Michael died from heart and liver disease in 2016, aged 53, with the majority of his estate going to his older sisters, his father Jack, and friends. He did not leave anything to Goss, nor to his boyfriend at the time of his death, Fadi Fawaz.

How old was George Michael when he was in Wham?

53 years (1963–2016)George Michael / Age at death

Is Boy George in a relationship?

Boy George is not currently known to be in a relationship.

How much money did Kenny Goss get from George Michaels estate?

The simple fact is George’s estate is as complex as ever.” After a long legal battle, in May this year George’s sister Yioda agreed to pay another ex-lover, Texan former air steward Kenny Goss, £15,000 a month in an out-of-court settlement.