Who were the 12 guardians in Naruto?

Who were the 12 guardians in Naruto?

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Twelve Guardian Ninja
Members Chiriku Kazuma (Anime only) Kitane (Anime only) Nauma (Anime only) Asuma Sarutobi Seito (Anime only) Tōu (Anime only)
Affiliations Land of Fire
HideTeam Jutsu Limelight (Anime only)

Is the 12 Guardian Ninja canon?

The Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc is the first filler arc in Naruto Shippuden. It takes place between the canon Search for Sasuke and Hidan and Kakuzu arcs.

Can I skip Twelve Guardian Ninja arc?

2 Can’t Miss: 12 Guardian Ninja Arc This arc has many contributions to the main series, particularly for the plot point it was in at the time. It expands on Naruto’s training in the wind style and explores his struggle with his nine-tails transformation. It also delves into Asuma’s story.

Is Chiriku alive?

Kakuzu recognizes Chiriku as a member of the Shinobi Guardian Twelve and wants to claim the bounty on his head. Chiriku puts up a strong fight but is ultimately defeated and killed by Hidan.

Who is the strongest 12 Guardian?

The Twelve Guardians are the strongest rank of exorcists….According to Narumi Ioroi’s personal opinion, after assessing the Twelve Guardians members level of power, they would rank as following:

  • Shimon Ikaruga.
  • Subaru Mitejima.
  • Cordelia Kasukami.
  • Sakura Sada.
  • Narumi Ioroi.
  • Kengo Ujii.
  • Arata Inanaki.
  • Miku Zeze.

What happens in 12 Guardian Ninja arc?

It is revealed that Asuma killed Sora’s father Kazuma, who had planned to kill the Hokage. Furido then approaches Sora, telling him that Asuma is responsible for his father’s death and passing him two “king” pieces from a shōgi set for Asuma.

Are Asuma and Kazuma brothers?

Asuma is Kazuma’s younger brother and they both share a deep love for history. Many noticed the two of them share similar personality. However, despite the close bond Asuma and Kazuma have, Kazuma enjoys teasing Asuma.

What rank is Asuma?

Naruto Lore: Asuma Sarutobi

editAsuma Sarutobi
Ninja Rank Part I: Jōnin
Ninja Registration 010829
Academy Grad. Age 9

Who is Sora to Asuma?

Sora was assigned to go to Konoha with Team Yamato to replace an injured Sai. Naruto tried to show Sora around Konoha, but Sora went his own way, insulting those he came across. He later met Asuma, a man who had known his father and who offered to help him and Naruto with wind nature transformation training.