Who won the 2012 Olympics in soccer?

Who won the 2012 Olympics in soccer?

The gold medal was won by Mexico who defeated Brazil 2–1 in the final….Football at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men’s tournament.

Tournament details
Champions Mexico (1st title)
Runners-up Brazil
Third place South Korea
Fourth place Japan

Who is the Olympic champion in soccer?

Brazil won the men’s football competition at the Tokyo Olympics for their second straight gold medal while Canada won the women’s category. The women’s Rio 2016 gold medallists Germany could not qualify for Tokyo. The video assistant referee (VAR) system was used for the first time in the Summer Olympics at Tokyo 2020.

Who won soccer Olympics 2019?

Olympic Latest: Canada wins 1st gold in women’s soccer

Team Gold Total
Norway 16 37
Germany 12 27
China 9 15
United States 8 25

What soccer team won the 2020 Olympics?

Unbeaten across six matches, Canada Soccer achieved their best-ever result at the Olympic Games while also winning their third consecutive medal, thus “changing the colour of their medal” from back-to-back Bronze at London 2012 and Rio 2016 to Gold at Tokyo 2020.

Who won Olympic soccer 2021?

Football at the 2020 Summer Olympics/Medalists

Who won football Olympics 2016?

Football at the 2016 Summer Olympics/Medalists

Who won the Olympics soccer 2014?

Each match lasted 80 minutes, consisting of two periods of 40 minutes, with an interval of 15 minutes….Football at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics.

Tournament details
Teams 6 (boys) + 6 (girls) (from 6 confederations)
Venue(s) 2 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Peru (boys) China (girls)

Who won the Olympics 2016 soccer?

Who won Men’s Olympic soccer 2016?

Nigeria won the bronze medal by beating Honduras 3–2….Football at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men’s tournament.

Tournament details
Matches played 32
Goals scored 104 (3.25 per match)
Attendance 1,008,426 (31,513 per match)
Top scorer(s) Serge Gnabry Nils Petersen (6 goals each)

Who won the 2016 Olympic soccer?

Who won the soccer Olympics 2022?

Brazil beats Spain in extra time to repeat as the Olympic men’s soccer champion. It took Brazil 64 years to win its first Olympic gold medal in soccer.