Who won the Army Navy game 2014?

Who won the Army Navy game 2014?

Navy claims 13th straight against rival Army Navy extended its winning streak over Army to 13 games, using a strong defensive performance and the versatility of quarterback Keenan Reynolds to carve out a 17-10 victory Saturday.

Where has the Army Navy game been played?

Most often, the game has been played in neutral territory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But it has also been played in New York and the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., area. This is the first Army-Navy Game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

What was the lowest scoring Army-Navy game?

The 15 points were the fewest in an Army-Navy game since the last tie in the series, a 3-3 stalemate in windy, near-freezing conditions at Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium 40 years ago.

Has the Army Navy game ever been Cancelled?

The Army and Navy first met on the field of play on November 29, 1890, however the game has only been played annually since 1930. Now in it’s 122nd edition the game was even held during World War II. There have, however, been cancellations on some occasions. The game was not during a four year period from 1894 to 1898.

Who won the 2015 Army-Navy game?

Navy tops Army for 14th straight series triumph With a shot at history at stake, Keenan Reynolds ended his Navy career with a clean sweep against Army as the Midshipmen hung on for a 21-17 win.

Where was the first Army-Navy game played?


Year Winner Location
1892 Navy “The Plain” USMA
1893 Navy Thompson Stadium USNA
1894 No game played
1895 No game played

How many times has the Army-Navy game been played?

1. The Army and Navy have faced off a total of 116 times. To date, Navy has 60 wins, Army has 49. There have been seven ties.

How many years in a row has Army beat Navy?

Through the 2021 meeting, Navy leads the series 62–53–7….Army–Navy Game.

Meetings total 122
All-time series Navy leads, 62–53–7
Largest victory Navy, 51–0 (1973)
Longest win streak Navy, 14 (2002–2015)

Who has won the most Army Navy football games?

Though Army has had the better run over recent years, having taken four of the last five meetings, Navy leads the series with 61 wins to Army’s 53. Seven of the matches have ended in a tie. Prior to Army’s recent success, Navy had won 17 of 19, including 14 in a row from 2002 to 2015.

Who won the Army Navy game 2022?

In a game where the lead changed six times, the Army were crowned Inter Services champions.

Which city has hosted the Army-Navy game the most times?

Army and Navy first met on the field on November 29, 1890, and have met annually since 1930. The game has been held at several locations throughout its history, including New York City and Baltimore, but has most frequently been played in Philadelphia, roughly equidistant from the two academies.

Which city has hosted the most Army-Navy games?

Since then, most of the games have been played in Philadelphia, which sits between Army’s home in West Point and Navy’s home in Annapolis, Maryland.

Do they run the football to the Army-Navy game?

Midshipmen will run 230 miles to New Jersey to deliver a football for the Army-Navy game. The mids will also host a “Beat Army” pep rally.