Who won World of Dance 2010?

Who won World of Dance 2010?

Les Twins
Les Twins became a part of the World of Dance community after their debut performance at our 2010 San Diego event. Seven years later, they won season 1 of NBC World of Dance.

What happened to got to dance?

Sky1 says that it feels like “the natural time for the series to takes its bow”. Got to Dance has been cancelled by Sky1. The channel said that it feels like “the natural time for the series to take its bow” after five years on air.

Who Won Got to Dance 2020?

Comedian Bill Bailey was crowned the winner of the 2020 series alongside partner Oti Mabuse, who also won the 2019 series with actor Kelvin Fletcher.

Who Won So You Think You Can Dance UK?

Matt Flint
Matt Flint Matt is the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Series 2!

How old is Akai Osei?

23 years (April 12, 1999)Akai Osei / Age

Where is Akai Osei from?

Lambeth, London, United KingdomAkai Osei / Place of birth

Who is Matt Flint?

He is a Creative Director/Choreographer for TV, Film & Theatre. TV credits include: Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (Creative Dir.

Where can I watch old seasons of SYTYCD?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stream previous seasons of SYTYCD online. Hulu makes each series available on-demand but removes older episodes when a new season begins. You can, however, find short clips and highlights on the official So You Think You Can Dance YouTube channel.

What happened to Akai the dancer?

His character left in the fourth episode of Season 7, because his character was moved to America with his temporal guardian and his girlfriend but he returned as a guest appearance in Series 8 as well as appearing in the Flashbacks for Series 7 and 8 (2018–2020).

Where is Akai?


Type Manufacturer
Founded as Akai Electric Company Ltd, Tokyo, Japan (1946)
Headquarters Hong Kong
Products Hi-fi equipment
Parent Grande Holdings (1999–present) inMusic Brands (Akai Professional)

Who is Akai?

Akai was founded by Masukichi Akai and his son, Saburo Akai (who died in 1973) as Akai Electric Company Ltd. (赤井電機株式会社, Akai Denki Kabushiki Gaisha), a Japanese manufacturer in 1929 or 1946. The company’s business eventually became troubled and it left the audio industry in 1991.