Who wrote Hush Deep Purple?

Who wrote Hush Deep Purple?

Joe SouthHush / ComposerJoe South was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Best known for his songwriting, South won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1970 for “Games People Play” and was again nominated for the award in 1972 for “Rose Garden”. Wikipedia

Who did Hush before Deep Purple?

Billy Joe Royal
“Hush” is a song written by American composer and musician Joe South, for recording artist Billy Joe Royal. The song was later covered by Somebody’s Image (an Australian band fronted by Russell Morris) in 1967. It reached #15. It was also covered by Deep Purple in 1968 and by Kula Shaker in 1997.

Who sang Hush Hush first?

This was written by Joe South and first recorded by the country singer Billy Joe Royal in 1967. Joe South was a prominent session musician and songwriter; some of his other compositions include “Games People Play” and “Rose Garden.” South also wrote “Down in the Boondocks” for Royal, which was a #9 US hit in 1965.

Who sang Deep Purple?

Nino Tempo & April StevensDeep Purple / Artist

What year did the song Hush come out from Deep Purple?

1968Hush / Released
This week in 1968, Deep Purple hit the US chart with their debut single ‘Hush’. The track proved successful enough to propel them on their way to the British rock royalty we know them to be today. But Deep Purple weren’t the first or last to have a stab at the track. 1967 and 1968 were busy years in the life of ‘Hush’.

What was deep purples first song?

The first track Deep Purple recorded live for television, in late 1968 – a re-working of the Beatles hit song ‘Help’. Mark I at their tentative beginnings….

Who played Hush?

A rare surreal film clip of early Deep Purple Mark I playing their 1968 top 5 (US) smash hit ‘Hush’, song written by Joe South.

How many members of Deep Purple are still alive?


Name Years active Release contributions
Steve Morse 1994–present all Deep Purple studio albums from Purpendicular (1996) onwards all Deep Purple Marks VII and VIII live releases
Don Airey 2002–present all Deep Purple studio albums from Bananas (2003) onwards all Deep Purple Mark VIII live releases

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