Why did Arnold leave Muscle Pharm?

Why did Arnold leave Muscle Pharm?

Schwarzenegger has also left, citing “the significant issues MusclePharm faces.” The company, through a spokesman, says it terminated the deal because Schwarzenegger “failed to promote the product line.” Overall, MusclePharm has cut its sponsorship commitments from $59 million to $8 million.

What is Arnold iron pump?

Arnold Iron Pump was formulated to be the perfect muscle building and pump pre-workout product precisely engineered to deliver massive pumps, muscle fullness, vascularity, explosive energy and enhanced size.*

What protein did Arnold use?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass – After you finish the creatine supplement, mix two scoops of this ultra-microfiltered whey protein with 6-8 ounces of milk, drink, and enjoy. Schwarzenegger also took another one of these after his third meal of the day.

Who is the owner of MusclePharm?

Ryan Drexler
Ownership. MusclePharm is a publicly traded company (ticker symbol MSLP). Its controlling shareholder, chairman and CEO is Ryan Drexler.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Own MusclePharm?

A company spokesman said MusclePharm was unable to comment on the SEC inquiry, but later provided the following statement, “This investigation has absolutely nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger and is totally unrelated to Mr. Schwarzenegger.”

What happened MusclePharm?

MusclePharm subleased its Burbank, CA office and legally relocated to Calabasas, CA. In 2018, MusclePharm announced that it was relocating its headquarters from Denver, CO to Burbank, CA as part of a restructuring deal.

Does Arnold own MusclePharm?

There’s no indication that the investigation relates to Schwarzenegger, as MusclePharm suggests, especially given the recency of their relationship. The company, founded in 2008, is run by founder and CEO Brad Pyatt, who owns 5.8% of the common shares, worth $4.8 million), but controls 31% of all voting shares.