Why did Meenakshi leave Thatteem Mutteem?

Why did Meenakshi leave Thatteem Mutteem?

The show which is revolving around the birth of Meenakshi’s triplets is set to have an unexpected turn this weekend. The main character of the show, Meenakshi, is leaving for London to financially support her husband Adi.

Has thatteem mutteem ended?

Popular sitcom thatteem mutteem has completed 10 years of the telecast. The show which started in 2011 is one of the longest-running shows on Malayalam TV.

Who is acting as arjunan in Thatteem Mutteem?

Thatteem Mutteem’s Arjunan aka Jayakumar is widely loved for his on-screen humour. The actor has managed to gain much attention on Malayalam TV with his lead character in the show. But, it is a lesser-known fact that the actor started his acting career on Mollywood.

How old is Bhagya Lakshmi Prabhu?

Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu age is 24 years old, her height is 5 Ft 5 inches tall and her weight is 58 Kg….Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu biography, wiki, age, family details.

Name Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu
Age (2021) 37 Years Old
Place of Birth / Hometown Kottayam, Kerala

Does bhagyalakshmi Prabhu have Instagram?

Her father, Ashok Prabhu, is a businessman and her mother, Anila Prabhu, is an IELTS trainer….Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu biography, wiki, age, family details.

Name Bhagyalakshmi Prabhu
Official Instagram @ bhagyalakshmiprabhu

What happened KPAC Lalitha?

Veteran actress Maheshwari Amma, better known by her stage name of KPAC Lalitha who starred in over 500 films primarily in Malayalam cinema, passed away in Kochi late Tuesday night. She was 74. Lalitha, though active in the film industry until recently, was ailing for a long time.

Is Meenakshi in Thatteem Mutteem married?

The prominent episode of popular sitcom Thatteem Mutteem has finally reached- Meenakshi’s wedding. For past few years the show has been featuring the wedding preparations of Meenakshi, granddaughter of Mayavathi Amma played by KPAC Lalitha.

What time KPAC Lalitha died?

KPAC Lalitha, veteran actor in Malayalam cinema, passed away in Kochi on the night of Tuesday, February 22. She was 74 years old. Edavela Babu, actor and secretary of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA), confirmed to TNM that Lalitha died around 10 pm.

What illness did Mgr have?

In October 1984, M.G.R. was diagnosed with kidney failure as a result of diabetes. He died on 24 December 1987 in his Ramavaram Gardens residence in Manapakkam after a prolonged illness. M.G.R. is regarded as a cultural icon in Tamil Nadu and is regarded as one of the most influential actors of Tamil cinema.