Why did Suarez refuse handshake with Evra?

Why did Suarez refuse handshake with Evra?

Luis Suarez refused to shake Man United defender Patrice Evra’s hand at Old Trafford after the Liverpool player had been banned for racially abusing the left-back.

Why did nobody shake John Terry’s hand?

The team of Queens Park Rangers’ Anton Ferdinand and Park Ji Sung refused to shake the hands of Chelsea’s John Terry and Ashley Cole in September 2012 following the accusation that John Terry had racially abused Ferdinand in a match between the two sides in October 2011.

Who did John Terry not shake hands?

Anton Ferdinand did not shake hands with Chelsea’s John Terry prior to kick-off of the Premier League fixture between QPR and Chelsea at Loftus Road. QPR defender Ferdinand walked past Chelsea’s Terry and then also avoided shaking hands with Ashley Cole, as he had indicated he would.

Which footballer slept with another footballers wife?

06: Jean Francois-Larios The unknown retired French footballer played for Saint-Etienne in 1973 scoring 36 goals in 167 appearances, earning the nickname “Turbo” for his speed. In 1982, Michel Platini found out that Larios had an affair with his wife which angered him, threatening to leave his national team.

Who did Wayne Bridge not shake hands?

John Terry
Wayne Bridge described the backing he got from Manchester City players over his fall-out with John Terry as “amazing”. The former Blues defender famously refused to shake the hand of former Chelsea teammate and friend Terry when the two clubs met in 2010.

Who snubbed John Terry?

John Terry has revealed that Rio Ferdinand snubbed him on a beach in. Terry, now assistant manager at Aston Villa, was hit with a four-game ban and £220,000 fine for the incident during the game between the Blues and.

Which footballer does not have a girlfriend?

21-year-old Malcom is a Brazilian professional football star who currently plays for Spanish champions Barcelona, and it has been said that he never had a girlfriend.

Did John Terry cheat Wayne Bridge?

Back in January 2010, John Terry was booed at Turf Moor after it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend, and when he was given a yellow card, fans prompted fans to cheer ‘same old Terry, always cheating’ and ‘Chelsea, wherever you may be, don’t leave your wife with John Terry’.

Is John Terry’s dad West Ham fan?

Conversation. John Terry “My whole family are West Ham fans. I once scored a goal against them and when I went to celebrate in front of their fans, I saw my uncle and my father screaming and insulting me.”