Why did the celestials sink Atlantis?

Why did the celestials sink Atlantis?

Earthquakes erupted all over Atlantis, and the situation was made worse by a different conflict that was unfolding with the Deviants. The Celestials were making a visit to Earth, and the Deviants, quick to view them as a threat, attacked them. The Celestials hit Lemuria hard, and caused it to sink deep into the ocean.

Is the Darkhold evil?

The Darkhold, AKA the Book of the Damned or the Book of Sins, is ancient and evil. It contains powerful dark magic spells and is considered the most potent record of dark magic. It’s said that anyone who reads it will lose their mind…or their soul.

How did Atlantis sink Marvel?

The inhabitants of ancient Atlantis built an enormous glass-like dome over the capital city, also known as Atlantis. When barbarians sent by the Deviant Lemurian empire attacked Atlantis, King Kamuu opened the magma-pits which were the city’s means of heating. This caused the continent to sink.

Is Vishanti stronger than Darkhold?

Technically, the Book of Vishanti is more powerful because it gives the person whatever spell they need, but the fact that it was so easily destroyed by the magic of the Darkhold and Wanda makes it seem as if the Darkhold is, technically, stronger if used correctly.

Who was the first vampire Marvel?

The result was Varnae, one of their own raised as the world’s first vampire. Varnae quickly slew the other Darkholders and used them to found the vampire race, with himself as Vampire Lord.

Is Peter quills dad an Eternal?

Ego the Living Planet, A.K.A Star-Lord’s dad, was a Celestial. That makes Peter Quill half-Celestial, even if his dad kicked the bucket in Guardians of the Galaxy 2). Eternals are human-shaped and nearly immortal in that they do not get sick and are immune to toxins that would kill an average human.

Who got Wanda pregnant?

WandaVision could set up the next Avengers movie For now, all we know is that Wanda is pregnant, but there were plenty of clues in the WandaVision trailer to suggest she’s having twins. For one thing, the trailer showed Wanda and Vision holding a pair of babies.

Did Wanda make herself pregnant?

In 1975, she married her android teammate Vision, later using borrowed magical forces to make herself pregnant, resulting in twin sons William (“Billy”) and Thomas (“Tommy”).

Is Agent may Hydra?

Prior to S.H.I.E.L.D. victory on Eli Morrow, May was incapacitated and kidnapped by Aida and was replaced by an LMD of herself. After several escape attempts, May’s mind was trapped inside the Framework, a virtual reality where she lived as a HYDRA agent.

Why did Aida turn evil?

Following Morrow’s defeat, Aida’s mainframe became corrupted by the Darkhold, killing Nathan B. Nathanson and replacing May with a Life-Model Decoy. While her actions had been carefully orchestrated by Radcliffe, who had also been corrupted by the Darkhold, Aida became consumed by a desire to feel human emotions.