Why does my dimmer switch make a buzzing sound?

Why does my dimmer switch make a buzzing sound?

Dimmer switches do make a slight buzzing sound due to the interruptions to the electromagnetic field that naturally exists around a live wire. A buzzing sound from the switch is usually not dangerous, unless accompanied by a hot switch or a crackling noise.

What does it mean when a light switch hums?

When a switch begins to buzz audibly, it means that the current between the metal wire contacts inside the switch is arcing—jumping the gap between metal parts rather than flowing continuously through metal pathways.

Why do LED lights hum with dimmer switch?

Almost every time the reason for LEDs humming when used with a dimmer switch is when the bulb’s power supply, aka driver, is incompatible with a dimmer system. It is actually the solid-state driver making the buzzing noise, and not the lighting emitting diode itself.

How do I stop my dimmer switch from buzzing?

If you’re wondering why your dimmer switch is still buzzing, it may be that it is rated too low for the task, and is being overtaxed by the combined bulb wattage. Try taking a few bulbs out of the switch circuit and see if it reduces the buzzing.

How do you fix a dimmer buzz?


  1. Turn off Switch and Remove Bulb. Turn off the power to the light fixture at the switch.
  2. Change Bulb for Lower Wattage Bulb.
  3. Change Bulb for Rough Service Bulb.
  4. Shut Down Power at Circuit Breaker.
  5. Access Dimmer Switch.
  6. Replace Dimmer Switch.

How do you fix a dimmer switch that is buzzing?

The Solution: Change the bulbs. Most often, buzzing coming from the fixture itself is usually related to the type of lightbulb you’re using. You might just need to replace the existing lightbulbs with new bulbs that have a shorter filament or lower wattage.

How do you fix a humming light switch?

What To Do

  1. First Of All, Turn Off The Electrical Power To The Lighting Circuit.
  2. Use The Non-Contact Voltage Tester To Confirm That The Power Is Definitely Off.
  3. Remove The Old Unit.
  4. Connect The New Unit.
  5. Mount The New Switch.
  6. Test The New Unit.

Do dimmer switches wear out?

As with almost every other electrical component, dimmer switches are not immune to wear out. Although these devices have come a long way since their invention, and there have been great innovative additions to dimmer switches, they still wear out and have to be replaced after a while.

How do you tell if a dimmer switch is going bad?

So, if you start to hear any clicking, buzzing, or popping coming from the switch, something within the switch is not working properly. It’s time to replace that switch. When turning a dimmer switch off, you may notice that it feels a little warm to the touch after having been on for a while. This is normal.