Why GTA 4 was a failure?

Why GTA 4 was a failure?

“Grand Theft Auto IV was originally created for the Games For Windows Live platform,” a spokesperson from Rockstar told The Verge. “With Microsoft no longer supporting Games For Windows Live, it is no longer possible to generate the additional keys needed to continue selling the current version of the game.

Can you drift in gta4?

GTA IV is the closest the series has come to being able to properly drift as cars were much more prone to oversteering. Game-assisted J-turns and 360 turns could be performed with ease.

Is GTA 4 popular?

5 reasons why GTA 4 still remains one of the most popular games in the series in 2021. GTA 4 is still a masterpiece in the eyes of some fans. GTA 4 was the first GTA title of the HD Universe, and it was an upgrade in more ways than just mere graphics.

What is the best car for drifting in GTA 4?

Best Drift Cars in GTA Online

  • Declasse Drift Yosemite.
  • Vapid Imperator.
  • Schyster Fusilade.
  • Willard Faction.
  • Benefactor Schwartzer.
  • Bravado Redwood Gauntlet.
  • Bravado Banshee 900R.
  • Dewbauchee Rapid GT. Balance makes the Dewbauchee Rapid GT what many consider to be the best of the best for drifting vehicles.

Is Saints Row 2 better than 4?

Once again, Saints Row 2 trumps GTA IV, with a wide variety of minigames and distractions on offer, some of them pretty damn robust in their own right. You can play in-game videogames, for example, including an awesome zombie-killing game. You can buy various businesses to earn extra income.

Why GTA IV is underrated?

The thing with GTA 4 that makes it underrated is that unfortunately it is not properly optimized for PCs. Apart from that, many people complain about the driving physics. But for me, GTA 4 is the best game on this earth as far as the story is concerned. The dialogues of Niko Bellic are practical and quite phenomenol.

What is the cheapest drift car in GTA?

Karin Futo The Futo is a 2 door sports car that only costs $9,000, making it one of the cheapest cars in the game. With an extremely lightweight chassis, rear-wheel drive, and poor traction, the Futo is a must-have for drifters.

Is GTA IV driving realistic?

It’s a fun, vibrant, sunshine-soaked game, and it would detract from that vibe if you had to drive sludgy, realistic cars through Los Santos. But it fits GTA 4’s muted, gritty realism perfectly.