Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery draining so fast?

Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery draining so fast?

Faulty battery. OS versions that are inefficient with battery management. Apps and services that use a lot of power. Corrupt sectors on the SD card that force the phone to constantly try and fetch data resulting in excessive battery consumption.

What battery does the Galaxy Note 4 take?

Specifications:This Note 4 replacement battery has a capacity of 3220 mAh,Lithium Ion material, 3.85V Voltage, will make your phone’s battery life will be as good as new!…

Number of Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Compatible Phone Models Galaxy Note4
Recommended Uses For Product Cellular Phone

How long does a Galaxy Note 4 battery last?

The Galaxy Note 4 manages to last an impressive 6 hours 49 minutes in PCMark, currently our best test for real-world battery life. It even outlasts the Nexus 6 despite using the same SoC. One reason for this has to do with CPU frequency.

What is the price of Samsung Note 4 battery?

Rs 1799/piece
Original Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Battery 3220mAh (Samsung Care Warranty), Battery Type: Lithium-Ion, Voltage: 3.8, Rs 1799/piece | ID: 23077615048.

What is the best replacement battery for Note 4?

– Product Name Lithium Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Brand UltraLast – Model Number CEL-SMN910NFC – Color White – Color Category White

What phones are better than the Note 4?

redmi Note 4 have big battery then Oppo A57

  • Redmi Note 4 has an infrared remote Oppo A57 does not have it.
  • Note 4 has bigger screen ratio than Oppo.
  • In terms of storage and ram redmi Note 4 is better option than Oppo.
  • What are the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

    The South Korean giant has started to roll out the One UI 4 beta update to the Galaxy Note issues while you’re using it. So, create a backup of your phone’s data that can be useful when something goes wrong and you need to restore data. Samsung

    Does Samsung Note 4 have wireless charging?

    The same status, missed event notification and shortcut display of the standard Galaxy Note 4 S-View Flip Cover. Enables wireless charging on all Qi-compatible wireless charging pads (sold separately) so you can charge your phone without connecting/disconnecting cables. Wishlist. Color Charcoal Black.