Will Patek 5712 be discontinued?

Will Patek 5712 be discontinued?

Hot on the heals of Patek Philippe confirming that its Nautilus 5711 will be discontinued this year, the rumour mill is now suggesting that the 5712A will also be culled.

Is Patek 5726 discontinued?

Inspired by the shape of a porthole found on transatlantic liners, Patek Philippe’s hugely popular Nautilus reference 5726, has been discontinued. Over the years, the Nautilus collection has boomed with many variations for men and women, in stainless steel and in precious metals.

Is Patek 5712 waterproof?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 has a 40 mm case with a height of 8.52 mm and is water-resistant to 60 meters.

How accurate is Patek Philippe Nautilus?

Both very accurate, between +1.0 and +1.5 seconds a day.

Is Nautilus 5712 discontinued?

The main Patek Philippe website is now no longer displaying the non-complication 5711 Nautilus by the watchmaker. While the 5712 and 5726 are all experiencing their own sort of limelight as of late, it’s sad to see the Gerald Genta-design three-hander officially gone.

Why did Patek discontinue the Nautilus?

Accordingly, Patek Philippe decided to shut down production of the Nautilus because it knew the steel watch’s popularity was a bubble, and that by feeding its growth, the company would just be contributing to the damage caused by an eventual burst.

Why did Patek discontinued Nautilus?

Is Patek discontinuing the Nautilus?

As now officially stated by the brand, and something that we’ve come to expect for about a year, the classic time-and-date Patek Philippe Nautilus, known as the reference 5711, is out of production.

When did 5712 come out?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5712 is available in 18K white gold and 18K rose gold on crocodile strap and in stainless steel with matching stainless steel bracelet like the one we have here. The Nautilus line was originally launched in 1976 and it still looks as sharp and amazing as it did back then.

Which is the best Patek Nautilus to buy?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 is one of the most desirable watches on the market today, if not THE most desirable one. The fame of the Nautilus, especially the time-and-date steel/blue dial version, a.k.a. the reference 5711/1A-010, is a topic that Frank already covered in a highly personal article.

Is the 5711 1r discontinued?

However, with the news from Patek Philippe Geneva and Thierry Stern himself saying that the Nautilus 5711 as we know it will come to an end at the end of 2021, it’s safe to say the prediction that this 5711 (albeit the rose gold variant) is extremely likely to fall within that discontinued list alongside its steel …

How many Tiffany blue 5711 are there?

170 pieces
While any 5711 is already a great post-market timepiece, ‘dual-brand’ pieces like these will no doubt be hot ticket items on the after-market too. More so, limited to just 170 pieces and being the (alleged) final Nautilus 5711, its current US$52,000 price-tag will be criminally inflated in the coming years.

Who owns a Tiffany 5711?

We can finally confirm that Corey Gamble was indeed allocated a Tiffany Blue Nautilus 5711. He was spotted wearing the sought after watch at the 2022 Met Gala along with his longtime girlfriend, Kris Jenner.

Who bought the 5711 Tiffany?

Patek Philippe announced the final edition of its coveted Nautilus Ref. 5711 with a special model that commemorates the brand’s 170-year relationship with Tiffany & Co., which was acquired by LVMH in January for US$15.8 billion.