How can I reach shankarpur?

How can I reach shankarpur?

The nearest railway station to Shankarpur is Digha. There are daily trains from Kolkata to Digha and also from other parts of the country. Shankarpur is 15 km from Digha, and you can easily get a bus from Digha till Shankarpur or you can also hire a taxi.

How can I go to tajpur from Kolkata by train?

Kolkata to Tajpur: Through Train: There is no rail-station at Tajpur itself. The nearest two major rail-stations are Kanthi P H and Digha Flag Station. From Kanthi P H, auto-rickshaw can be hired to reach the place. From Digha, the distance is 18 km and it takes around 1 hour to reach by a hired car.

What is the distance between Kolkata?

Distance From Kolkata to India Cities

City Distance Mileage
Distance from New Delhi to Kolkata 1,304 km 810 miles
Distance from Chennai to Kolkata 1,356 km 843 miles
Distance from Lucknow to Kolkata 889 km 552 miles
Distance from Kohima to Kolkata 678 km 421 miles

Is Bakkhali open now?

Bakkhali is now reachable by road avoiding ferry crossing, spoiling time and energy. Alternatively, local train from Sealdah to Namkhana and then 25 km by bus. Mushroom like hotels has not yet hampered the environment here. Star hotel may not be available, but all facilities are available in limited nests.

Can we bath in Bakkhali Beach?

The water is clean and fresh from Bay of Bengal and is safe for people to take a bath in the vast spread beaches of Bakkhali. There are variety of seafoods that you can enjoy and the people of Bakkhali are more or less friendly but tourist discretion is advised.

Where is Tajpur Sea beach?

Purba Medinipur district
Tajpur is one of the most hidden beaches in India. Tajpur beach lies in the Purba Medinipur district of South Bengal, one of the southern districts of West Bengal. It lies on the Kolkata – Digha route and just 16 Km before Digha.

Which city is nearest to Kolkata?

Major cities near Kolkata, India

  • 6 km to Haora, India.
  • 8 km to Baranagar, India.
  • 9 km to Bally, India.
  • 11 km to Kamarhati, India.
  • 13 km to Panihati, India.
  • 14 km to Barasat, India.
  • 19 km to Rajpur, India.
  • 20 km to Shrirampur, India.

Why is Bakkhali famous?

BAKKHALI BEACH The mangrove forest near the beaches has no tigers, but is nonetheless a tourist spot. The Bakkhali Beach is perhaps the most breathtaking beach. The 7 km coastline is not just the most stunning view of the sea merging into the land, but is also very sparsely populated, which accentuates its beauty.

How good is Bakkhali?

The place is safe under all parameters and it is a family tourist place. The sunrise and sunset of Bakkhali is wonderful and one of it’s key attractions. The water is clean and fresh from Bay of Bengal and is safe for people to take a bath in the vast spread beaches of Bakkhali.

Which is better Digha or Bakkhali?

Both places are good though I prefer Mandarmani and digha due to better accessible beach and better transport from Kolkata. Bakkhali are famous for red crabs and and sunset is splendid.

Which is better Digha or Tajpur?

Digha and Mandarmani both have beaches but Digha has more beaches than Mandarmani. Talasari Beach, Udaipur Beach, Shankarpur Beach, New Digha Beach, Chandpur Beach, Old Digha Beach, Junput Beach, and Tajpur Beach are some of the main beaches of Digha.

Is Mandarmani better than Digha?

Mandarmani is more serene with limited options of eating/staying/shopping etc. Digha is more crowded but is almost a full fledged city in terms of amenities. As far as the beach is considered, I would prefer Mandarmani!

Which state is nearest to Kolkata?

Uttar Pradesh.

  • Tamilnadu.
  • Is Bakkhali safe?