How did Phoebe McQueen die?

How did Phoebe McQueen die?

Gill left the role in 2015 and Phoebe made her last appearance on 16 June 2015 when she was killed by the Gloved Hand Killer, Lindsey Roscoe (Sophie Austin).

Who raped Jacqui McQueen?

Jacqui McQueen, played by Claire Cooper, will accuse Gilly Roach, played by Anthony Quinlan, of raping her after they share a drunken kiss while discussing each other’s relationship problems. Jacqui will later accuse Gilly of raping her while he claims they had consensual sex.

How did Rhys die in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks aired tragic death scenes for Rhys Ashworth on Channel 4 this evening (November 15) as he lost his life in the soap’s mini-bus crash disaster.

How did Steph Cunningham die in Hollyoaks?

cervical cancer
One of Steph’s final storylines was the portrayal of cervical cancer, which Stenson conducted extensive research into. Steph was subsequently killed off in a special block of episodes branded by the media as “fire week”. Some critics described her final storylines as “upsetting” and “surprising”.

When did Max Cunningham die in Hollyoaks?

Max Cunningham
First appearance 6 November 1995
Last appearance 11 July 2008
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular

Why did Jackie leave Hollyoaks?

But then Trudy gets arrested for human trafficking and leaves the village. With Trevor still after her, Jacqui realises she is no longer safe in Hollyoaks and must leave.

What happened to Dodger in Hollyoaks?

Dodger’s twin sister Sienna develops feelings for him and becomes jealous of his relationship with Maxine. Sienna tricks Maxine into leaving and messages her from Dodger phone saying he doesn’t love her, Dodger realises this and plans to leave with her. Sienna then stabs him in the leg to stop him leaving.

How did Sarah die in Hollyoaks?

skydiving accident
Sarah’s final storyline is her death in a skydiving accident, which was a first for a British soap opera. The storyline aired in the second series of Hollyoaks Later and was devised by producer Bryan Kirkwood.

How did Jojo die in Hollyoaks?

Hollyoaks aired another shock death on E4 tonight (November 15) as the soap’s mini-bus crash disaster led to more tragedy in the village. Martin ‘Jono’ Johnson, played by Dylan Llewellyn, became the fourth victim of the accident as he passed away from undetected internal injuries he suffered in the crash.

How did Ziggy die in Hollyoaks?

Christmas in Soapland can certainly be cruel – as fans of Hollyoaks charmer Ziggy Roscoe just found out. A tragic storyline twist in the show’s festive special saw Ziggy die suddenly as a result of a head injury he’d suffered in the recent explosion at Leela Lomax’s flat.

Who did Theresa McQueen have a baby with?

Theresa has two children during the soap, including Calvin’s baby, and then a second with Dodger Savage. After Theresa gives birth to Calvin’s child, named Angel McQueen, Carmel has a plan to take the baby and raise her as her own. “In Carmel’s mind, the baby is hers.

Are Theresa and Mercedes sisters?

Calvin cheated on Carmel with both her sister Mercedes and cousin Theresa, and ended up getting Theresa pregnant.

Who dies in the Hollyoaks fire?

Hollyoaks aired heartbreak on Wednesday night, in the fallout to a devastating fire tearing through the village – with Celeste Faroe and Marnie Nightingale both killed off. Sylver McQueen sadly lost his life after becoming trapped in the burning building, while trying to save his stepson Bobby.

How did Celeste die?

Wednesday’s episode confirmed that Celeste had tragically died after being caught up in the shock explosion drama at Marnie Nightingale’s patisserie. Celeste’s brother Toby survived the carnage, but now faces an uncertain future after being caught out for Lisa Loveday’s murder.