How do you get a shear pin out of a snowblower?

How do you get a shear pin out of a snowblower?

Line up the auger blade carefully and try to start with a center punch as dead middle of the bolt as possible. If you drill a hole to start then use a smaller diameter punch the sheared over metal that’s keeping it stuck in place should deform right back straight and come out.

What happens when shear pin breaks on snowblower?

Typically, when a shear pin breaks, only half of it will fall out while the other half remains inside the auger shaft hole. To remove it, carefully rotate the auger to align the holes in the auger with the holes in the auger shaft.

How tight should a shear pin be on a snowblower?

You do NOTwant to over tighten that nut. It should be a locking type nut and all you need to do is snug it down to where it contacts the auger sleeve and stop there. Don’t snug it down to where the spindle turns with the shaft. If you do you’ll defeat the purpose of the shear pin.

Are snowblower shear pins all the same?

There are three basic sizes of shear bolts, and it’s important to select the correct one for your snowblower to ensure it fits and works correctly. Brass 1/4″ shear bolts are most commonly used on smaller, entry-level snowblowers. Black 5/16″ shear bolts are for larger mid-grade snowblowers.

Can I use a bolt instead of a shear pin?

Answer. No. Damage to the unit will occur if a higher grade bolt is used in place of the original.

Should impeller spin freely on snowblower?

A snowblower auger should not spin freely when the auger control lever is off. A free-spinning auger is a symptom of broken shear pins. Shear pins are a fail-safe feature, designed to break when the auger hits a solid object.

How do you unjam a snowblower?

How to clear a snowblower jam

  1. Turn off the snowblower, disengage the clutch, disconnect the spark plug and wait 60 seconds before proceeding with clearing the jam.
  2. Use the clearing tool, a small shovel-like tool, to gently break up the snow and ice until the jam is cleared.

Why does my shear bolt keep breaking?

NO, The fact that the shear bolt is broken is an indication that the impeller or auger has impacted against something that the machine is not designed or capable of processing. The shear bolts are considered to be a sacrificial part to prevent greater damge from occuring to the gearbox or shafts of the unit.