How do I become a live chat assistant?

How do I become a live chat assistant?

Qualifications for a career as a chat agent include a high school diploma or GED certificate. You should receive additional training on-the-job. Some opportunities require additional knowledge of specific industries or software, and some employers prefer candidates with vendor-certification for the product.

What does a chat specialist do?

Job Description Each Chat Specialist is responsible for having dynamic conversations that drive the consumer to want to do business with our customers. Conversations are NOT SCRIPTED. Chat Specialists need to think quickly and provide a personalized experience for each consumer based on their wants and needs.

Is Cloudworkers legit?

Cloudworkers Ltd was founded in 2015 and is one of the largest, most successful and thriving chat moderation companies operating worldwide. We provide our chat moderators based around the world with the opportunity to earn a reliable income and grow with us.

What is chat Homebase?

With Homebase messaging, you can send group messages, messages to your entire team, or even one-on-one messages if you need to communicate with an employee individually. And no matter who you’re messaging, our system will send read receipts so you know exactly when your team member sees the information in real time.

What is online chat assistant?

Online chat agents are customer service employees who use text-based platforms to communicate with customers. A successful chat agent is able to thrive in a fast-paced environment with few breaks.

What is online chat support?

Chat support is a common method of customer service or support that offers assistance to customers through the use of a messaging app or online chatbot. Delivered by live agents or through artificial intelligence (AI), chat support supplements more traditional customer service channels, such as voice or email.

How much money do Cloudworkers make?

Daly City, CA beats the national average by $13,302 (15.9%), and San Mateo, CA furthers that trend with another $15,066 (18.0%) above the $83,696 average….What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Cloud Workers Jobs.

City Irvine, CA
Annual Salary $93,837
Monthly Pay $7,820
Weekly Pay $1,805
Hourly Wage $45.11

What is the job of chat support?

Is Homebase legit?

Bottom Line. Homebase is an affordable and reliable employee scheduling and time tracking platform that many small businesses find useful. Its hiring and HR features help separate it from competitors, and its free plan makes it easy for businesses to try, risk-free. Sign up to use Homebase for free today.

Is live chat hard?

But despite its advantages, live chat can be hard to do well. It’s harder to keep a conversation flowing over chat than it is over the phone support, or even email, which may make the interactions less efficient. Automation can go from helpful to horrible alarmingly fast, and personalization is difficult.

What are the duties of a chat support representative?

Chat Agents provide customer service online and have the following responsibilities and duties: responding to customers, identifying customer issues, providing solutions, conversing in a polite and professional manner, and performing data entry.