How do I change my Facebook back to English on Android?

How do I change my Facebook back to English on Android?

To change your Facebook language settings:

  1. Tap. at the top right of Facebook.
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Language.
  3. Select the language you want Facebook to appear in.

Why did my Facebook language change?

If you open your Facebook page and see that it now is in Spanish, and Spanish is not your preferred language, it means that someone has changed your account settings.

Why is my Facebook in Arabic?

If someone has changed your language settings to mess with you (or you’ve done it on accident), select “Account” (the button at the top right of your facebook, no matter the language), then select the second button down (“Account Settings”), and in this menu select the fifth tab from the left (“Language”).

Why is my Facebook in Malay?

Scroll down and click “Settings & Privacy.” This will open a sub-menu. Select “App Language.” 4. Your Facebook app language will be set to match your phone language (which you can change in your phone’s settings), but you can also manually select your language from the list on this page.

How do you change the language on an Android app?

How users select an app language in system settings

  1. Access through the System settings. Settings > System > Languages & Input > App Languages > (select an app)
  2. Access through Apps settings. Settings > Apps > (select an app) > Language.

Where is the menu button on Facebook app for Android?

Note: clicking “Menus” when logged on to your Facebook account, you will go to the configuration screen. You can view your menus by clicking “View menupod” on top right. You can also access the configuration page by clicking the “settings” link at the bottom of the menupod.

How do I change the language on Facebook on my Samsung phone?

Change language settings on Facebook app on Android

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top right.
  3. Scroll down to Settings & Privacy and tap on it.
  4. Select Language and choose from the list.

Why is my Facebook in a different language on Google?

Open Settings > Search settings. Under Region Settings at the bottom of the page, select the region corresponding to the Google domain you’re using. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. You may also have to change and save the Language settings.

How do you change language on Facebook app?

If you own an Android, you can also change the language through your Facebook app:

  1. Click the menu icon on the top right of the menu bar (it’s the three horizontal lines).
  2. Scroll down and open the “Settings & Privacy” sub menu. Select “Language.”
  3. Now choose your language from the list provided.

Why is my Facebook in Chinese?

Go to the Facebook language settings. In the Facebook language section, select Edit (it will be in the current language that you set). Select the Show Facebook in this language drop-down menu and find your language. Then, select Save Changes to save the change.

How do you change the language on a Samsung phone?

How do I change the Language input on my Samsung phone?

  1. 1 Head into your Settings > General Management.
  2. 2 Tap on Language and input.
  3. 3 Select Language.
  4. 4 Tap on. to add a language.
  5. 5 Select your preferred secondary language.
  6. 6 If you would like to change your default language to your secondary language select Set as default.

Where is the FB menu bar?

In case you’re wondering, the navigation bar appears at the top of your Facebook app on Android, and at the bottom on iOS. It’s your main way to switch between main features that can also be found through the “burger menu” on the right.

How to change the language back to English on Facebook?

Select the arrow ( Account) on the right side of the Facebook menu bar.

  • Select Settings&Privacy .
  • Choose Settings .
  • Choose Language and Region in the left menu pane.
  • In the Facebook language section,select Edit .
  • Select the Show Facebook in this language drop-down menu,and choose a different language.
  • How do you change the language in Facebook?

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    How to change my Facebook language from Spanish to English?

    – Visit the official Facebook website – Have a look over the bottom part of the page and you should come across a variety of languages. – Choose the English language, and if by chance, English isn’t available in the options, then at the very end, click on the (+) sign to access the remaining languages.

    How to change language in Facebook from French to English?

    Sign Into Your Facebook Account

  • Click Here,after the language page has been displayed,click on “Edit” in the first line and it will show you the list of Languages available to choose and
  • Click on the Language symbol ( blue ball) Also Read: Create A New Facebook Account